Monday, July 26, 2010

Avacados, squash and sweet potaotes--oh my!

What has you excited these days? For me, it is baby food. Yes, I know that sounds strange, but as the girls near the six month mark, I'm starting to get really excited about making their baby food, or maybe it's the project of making their baby food--hard to say. When I put my mind to something, I tend to become borderline obsessed, and everything I tell you after this point will only confirm this for you.

I've been reading this great baby food making website and am all geared up and ready to go! Their first food will be avocado, followed by (after the necessary four day waiting period) sweet potatoes, then apples or pears--I haven't planned it out quite that specifically, but I have lots of ideas!

Each day the girls and I walk through our garden to see how things are growing. We check out the progress of the tomatoes, sweet potatoes, squash and pumpkin and we smell the sage, oregano, chives, basil, thyme and lavender. We've also recently decided that the fruit trees that border of our property will provide the girls with their first taste of peaches and pears--shh, don't tell our neighbors. I get pretty giddy, as I see the squash and pumpkin vines growing longer and fuller. Harvesting bright red tomatoes fills me with glee. It's going to be a good harvest, and the girls are going to have so much fun exploring these new tastes. I love that many of their first foods will have been grown in our own backyard--pesticide and chemical free.

I'm very much looking forward to watching their faces explore new tastes and textures. From my perspective, it seems as though the whole food thing would totally rock a baby's world. It's completely new and foreign to them. Maybe I'm over thinking this whole experience, but one day they are chowing on breast milk, and the next day--bam--a flavor explosion! Suddenly a cornucopia of flavors and textures all at once! Don't you, kind of, wish you could remember that experience? I know I do--I bet it was intense. I plan to "remember" that experience for the girls, so that I can tell them all about it someday.


Anonymous said...

I was reading about making baby food and found that the Kitchen Aid sells attachments specific for making baby food. Thought of you b/c I know you have one of those fabulous devices! Wishing you a flourishing harvest!

Affton said...

Julia, I make some of Austin's baby food. I love it! My apples tasted soo good, I ate some. It is wonderful that you have a garden for your girls to eat from, how neat! I hope the girls enjoy their first tastes and textures, can't wait to see pictures of this great milestone. Avacado is a favorite in our house.

Anonymous said...

I was going to mention that website to you - I'm glad you've already found it! I've consulted it almost daily since I started making the twins' baby food. Can't wait to hear how the girls' first tastes go!

Shell said...

Oh friend I do love reading your blog! I can't wait to hear how the solid journey goes. Max used to love avocado now he gags :). He has discovered a little thing called control. We've had to get creative.

Melissa Ann said...

Solids are a blast! I love them the faces and the chaos. I also love that you're a gardener (though you're way more effective at it that I am post babies!)