Bit About Me

Hi, I'm Julia! Welcome to my little niche of the Internet! Thanks for stopping by.

On 03 February 2010, my life changed forever! My husband, Brad, and I welcomed our fraternal twin daughters, Hadley and Brynne into the world.

Brynne and Hadley

A few months later, I began blogging as something to do during the many hours I spent nursing these two little ones. 

Once my girls got to be fast little nursers, I decided to carve out bits of time to continue blogging.

I blog, because I love to write. I blog, because, through blogging, I've found community. I had no idea just how big and wide the blogging world was. I have been so blessed and encouraged by the people who have commented and emailed me! Please let me know if I can encourage you!

I write about life, most often: parenting, my family, baby products we love, celebrating life, working out and occasionally I get on my soap box about something I'm passionate about.

My Family

Here, in these pages, the words that bubble up from my heart and trickle to my fingertips, are laid out. I hope that sometimes they will make you chuckle, sometimes they will make you think, and that you always find them to be genuine and authentic.

For some random facts about me go here and here.