Friday, November 16, 2012

It all just comes down to a pair of jeggings

Awhile back, a twin-mama-friend asked me to write about the difference between my twin pregnancy and this singleton pregnancy.

Here's a moment of honesty, friends: I really don't like being pregnant. At. All.

Twin pregnancy? Singleton pregnancy? It all pretty much ranks right up there with getting a cavity filled. 

I'm glad I've figured that out, actually. I think it gives me a lot of grace for other friends of mine who struggle with being pregnant too. It seems like it's often implied, or maybe just directly communicated to women that they're supposed to love every single glowing moment of carrying a life in their wombs. And, Heaven forbid, we utter something about not loving one of the many not-so-glowy moments, of our heads hanging over the toilet, or battling the ugliness of depression, or the in-opportune time when we don't make it to the bathroom on time. 

If you've seen the movie Steel Magnolias, Olympia Dukakis' character, that sassy southerner, Clairee says:
Well, you know what they say: if you don't have anything nice say about anybody, come sit by me!


I feel like I'm Clairee for pregnant people. You wanna talk about how much it sucks be pregnant and then how the hormonal-aftermath makes you a sweaty, crazy, smelly mess? Come sit by me!

Don't get me wrong, friends. I'm thankful. I'm thankful for the life that's incessantly beating on my bladder. I'm thankful for the life in my belly causing my ass to take up residence in two counties, despite the many squats I attempt in between the contractions that I've had since 15 weeks. That's right----15 weeks! I have the most temperamental uterus on the planet!

Thankful, but if I'm honest, I'd just assume get it all over with already. It's hard to be thankful for this time of largeness and multiple bathroom trips.

[A note about the following picture: I didn't love this movie, in fact the twin pregnancy in here was laughably, eye-rollably, annoyingly unrealistic, but Liz's character here, is pretty funny, because she's a hot-mess the entire time. (I can call her Liz, because my husband's co-worker's wife grew up with her, and calls her Liz, so it's almost like I know her, or something)]

 What to Expect When You're Expecting

So, I'll tell you about the one thing that makes this all just a little bit better (other than the baby at the end of the road). 

Probably the biggest difference for me is that at this stage in the game, I'm still up walking waddling around. With the twins, at 26 weeks, I went into preterm labor, and was on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy. I never went anywhere, except to the doctor's (went there a lot), so I didn't really worry too much about cute maternity wear.

With this pregnancy, I've had some generous friends who have lent me some maternity clothes, and I've put the ones that fit to good use. The aforementioned ass-largeness has been a tough pill to swallow. At almost 33 weeks, I currently weigh almost as much as I did when I delivered the twins. It's hard to feel very attractive with those numbers swimming in my head.

So, a couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to have a pair of maternity jeans, and ordered some jeggings from Old Navy. When they arrived, I tried them on, and even though they were, jeggings, afterall----those are leggings that look like jeans for those of you who haven't yet been introduced to a jegging---- I thought they were too tight/small, and I shoved them in the closet. 

I did lots of self-talk about how a pair of jeggings, the numbers on the scale, or even the size of my arse don't define me, because I'm a daughter of the King, I'm a loving wife, I'm a good mama, etc. And friends, I know my jegging size has nothing to do with anything truly important, but whew! It's been hard.

So, this morning the girls and I had to hightail it out of the house at 8AM, because someone wanted to see our house (yes, we're still trying to sell our house---and an 8:30 showing---seriously?!), and I got out the jeggings to wear. I tugged and wrestled those suckers on (because really, with jeggings, I think there's a bit of a workout involved in getting them on, at least when you're pregnant, or maybe they really are just too small---if it's the latter, just don't tell me), and you know----they actually looked pretty good, and I felt pretty good. I think I might just be able to make it to the end of this pregnancy.

Thank you, Jesus for jeggings.


Melissa Ann said...

Love this. Love you.

Jessica said...

Haha.. I understand:) I think dealing with my body changing is one of the toughest things about being pregnant .. I do a lot of self talk and reminding myself that at least I'm gaining weight for a good reason & that it won't last forever. But it's still hard especially combined with all the crazy hormones. I think you look great though and now you're almost done!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

You're going to hate me but I loved every minute of being pregnant :)

Now pleaseeeeeee can we see a pic of these jeggings on you and that beautiful baby bump.

We have them here and I can't help thinking surely these belong in the 80s... as you can tell, I'm highly fashionable :)

Lauren said...

Okay, I decided during my second pregnancy that I don't like being pregnant either. I actually hated it. And I'm feeling pretty guilty about that right now because I am honestly wondering if some of the hate for my pregnancy and annoyance with the human residing inside of me causing me so much pain and discomfort actually screwed up my baby and made him insecure and fussy. I've adored him since the second he was born, but I didn't when he was inside of me. I loved him because he was my child, but I didn't like him too much. And I do wonder if those feelings while I was pregnant contributed to his temperament during the past 8 weeks of his life.

And also? At 14 weeks pregnant with Isaiah I weighed 4 pounds more than I weighed when I gave birth to Noah at 38 weeks 3 days. I managed to only gain another 16 lbs after that, but that still put me at 20 lbs heavier than the first time... but I started out weighing a lot less the second time around. So really, I gained 45-50 lbs with baby #2. And I gained 16lbs with baby #1. Crazy.

Lauren said...

Oh, AND, my contractions started at 10 weeks in my first pregnancy and at like 6 weeks in my second. SERIOUSLY. My belly button was already halfway to my uterus, and I felt every single contraction and cramp.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Woo hoo for comfy jeans! I remember thinking when I was pregnant, how SMALL my thighs looked. I enjoyed that comparison! HA! And I'm guessing that during pregnancy would be the only time I'd dare try to pull off (or on, no pun intended) jeggings. ;) Go for it! Glad you're feeling good!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this! I hear ya, sister! Pregnancy and I are not friends. Figures the one thing I'm really good at it is something I don't enjoy. Though I really love the end product! :-)

The Guddats said...

Oh man, this made me laugh. I think it is great you are trying to have a sense of humor about it all. Pregnancy is hard and seeing your body change so drastically can be really humbling. But like you said, you are not defined by the size of your rear end...and it will all be worth it in the end.

Miss Megan said...

Haha! Go Jeggins! I'd like to see an adorable baby bump picture too!! =)
I hated the first half of pregnancy, loved the second half (you know, when you go from puking multiple times a day and not being able to stay awake to visibly pregnant and waddling around) =).
Don't worry about the numbers on the scale...seriously...I didn't gain quite as much with my single as I did with my twins, but I still gained A LOT...and you know what? I don't care! I still looked good and felt good, and the baby got exactly what he needed from me. I'm glad you feel good in the jeggins =)

championm2000 said...

hahaha...jeggings! Now that definitely is a difference between being preggo with one versus two. With twins, I could have work jeggings as a scarf. Or maybe for their intended purpose at like 8 weeks. After that? I was beyond huge!

Hang on to your jeggings! You're almost there!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

lol...I love this!! I'm pregnant too (32 weeks!). This is my third pregnancy and I was *so* determined to have a good attitude this time--that little miracle is such a blessing! But, there are so many moments when I remember that I don't like how pregnancy feels that it's really hard!! I recently bought a pair of maternity jeans from Kohls, though, and had such a similar experience...they're comfy (when they're on!) and I feel like I look so good (bump and all, lol!)! Anyways, thanks for sharing--it's always fun to relate to someone!!