Saturday, April 17, 2010

Snug as a Bug

We absolutely love our baby slings. The type we went with, Baby K'tan, are, in my book, geniuses. They allow us to go to church, navigate our way through a store, or to be in any other crowded location with our girls without them being pawed by a bunch of well-meaning, germy people. Most often the twins hunker down and fall into a contented sleep while in their Baby K'tan.

The slings are sized to give us each the most secure hold possible (I'm a small and my husband is a large). If we really want to, one of us can hold both babies at the same time until they each reach 10 pounds (we are working on that whole weight gain thing), which is also a great feature, and one of the few sling makers that offers a double-hold option--brilliant idea for twin parents!

As of late, I have noticed that our sling wearing has given us some looks of wary disapproval. It's not their fault, they just read about the one million slings that have been recalled and assume that 1) we might not have heard the news and 2) that we are putting our children in grave danger. The article has been passed to me about 10 times, so rest assured I've read through it at least once or twice. Don't get me wrong. I totally appreciate that so many people love our girls and are looking out for their well-being.

That being said, let me reassure all you very well-intentioned worriers that Baby K'tan slings were not recalled, and are perfectly safe. They don't cause babies to curl up and possibly suffocate like some other brands. So--when you see me with my baby in the sling, please know that when I smile at you, I do so knowing that my baby is safe, and snug as a bug in her sling.

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