Sunday, June 6, 2010

So they all rolled over...

Today my daughter, Brynne, rolled over! It was very exciting--maybe only to me and my husband, but I'm sharing with all of you anyway! I had her up on the changing table, and she kept rolling to her side, so after I got her all ready for church, I put her the floor to see what she could do. Sure enough--within a few minutes she had worked herself to her side, and then--plop, she rolled herself on to her tummy. She gave a repeat performance a few moments later, so that her daddy could see her new trick. I was ecstatic--I don't think I could have been prouder of anyone in that moment than I was of her. I went on to share the news with just about everyone I talked to at church, texted my family and a few friends, and made her accomplishment my facebook status. Overboard? Perhaps, but I was pretty stoked, and graciously, people have celebrated this accomplishment with us with gusto!

Rolling over, I realize, is pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of one's life--I certainly don't recall the day when I rolled over for the first time-- but for our girls, it marks the first of many milestones, that I will lovingly journal about, with all the details that they aren't going to remember either. Then, one day, many years from now, they can know that they were a pretty big deal, and that we celebrated their first roll over, first step and first spoonful of smashed peas, among other things.

I have had the privilege of walking alongside a friend's last year with her son before he goes off to college.  I've listened to her both celebrate and mourn his last sporting event, last sport's banquet, last prom and last week of school. She has lovingly and painstakingly catalogued all his milestones and accomplishments, which were proudly displayed for all to see at his graduation party this afternoon. In the fall, she will experience the ultimate "roll over" moment as she takes her son to college, four hours away.

As I think about my friend, I think of where we are, at the other end of the parenting journey, with many more milestones and achievements yet to be reached by our girls--rolling over is just the beginning of many events to celebrate. My friend's journey reminds me that each one is precious, and should be met with great excitement--what a blessing and privilege to experience!

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