Monday, September 6, 2010

Thankful and wordless weekend

60. Two hour family naptime--heavenly!

61. Gorgeous weather.

62. My mama coming to help me out while Brad was away on business.

63. Clean floors, because of my mama.

64. Clean sheets, because of my mama.

65. Clean windows, because of my mama.

66. A freezer full of baby food, because of my mama.

67. Enjoying a glass of wine on the deck with my husband.

68. Getting to hear most of the sermon at church on Sunday.

69. Enjoying a dinner with new friends.

70. Eating delicious tomatoes from our garden.

71. Going almost seven months without any breastfeeding issues.

72. We were able to get rid of my clogged milk duct/milk blister without getting mastitis--blessed pain relief!

73. Seven month old girls sitting up for a few minutes unassisted--woo hoo!

74. Grandparents galore.

75. Awesome afternoon playing outside with the girls.

76. Time to pull weeds in the garden.


mommy of baby cp said...

2 hour nap time - I am officially jealous :)

Julia said...

The two hour nap was a fluke. I was so, so grateful for it though. Mama was tired!