Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mama Loves: Magic and Toothbrushes

Welcome to another week of Mama Loves! I'm so thrilled that you stopped by!

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Manic Mother
It was so much fun to read all your pumpkin-themed posts last week!
I'm really excited about this week's Mama Loves. I'd like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine, Laila. Here she is with her beautiful family---her husband, Mike and her almost-two-year-old daughter, Nori:

source Anne Mentrup Photography

Laila is my running partner and one of my boot camp instructors, more importantly, she's one of the most intentional, loving, and generous people I've ever met. She balances work and family and friendships with such grace. I'm so blessed that she lives right across the street from me, and that I can count her one of my dearest friends.

Last week Laila emailed me with a couple of her Mama Loves, and I figured there was no one better to tell you about them than Laila herself. So, here's Laila in her blogging debut giving you two fabulous "loves":

The Jane Iredale Magic Mitt is a cloth that cleanses your face with only water---it even takes off eye makeup! For whatever reason (because I chase a toddler most days) I'm exhausted when it comes to bedtime, even the thought of washing my face is a huge chore.

This little shammie makes taking off makeup quick, so that I can get to bed...where the real magic happens. LOL :)

Magic Mitt

We have literally brushed Nori's gums since she was six months old, and it's been a struggle every day since. Every night we have the same routine, which includes brushing teeth, so I just assumed it would eventually get easier, but it never has. It takes both Mike and I to get her brushed; he holds her down, while I scrub as best I can.

Until now...the kids' electric toothbrush!

It seems so simple, but I never considered it for a kid. Now, Nori gets so excited---"me do!"--because she can brush her teeth on her own. And I'm thrilled, because I know when she puts the toothbrush in her mouth, her teeth are getting cleaned better than when I was struggling to do it manually.

These toothbrushes come in just about any character, so maybe that can be an added incentive to have "Dora" help them brush their teeth.

Laila, thank you again for sharing your Mama Loves here.

Can't wait to see what you're loving this week!

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1 comment:

championm2000 said...

I read this post and then had to stop and go order that make-up mitt!

I hate to admit it, but I often dread washing my face. I just want to fall into bed most nights.

This mitt seems perfect and it is so affordable!

Thanks so much for sharing, Laila, for sharing!