Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Little 90s Flava For Your Wednesday

So. After writing my last post, I had Salt n Pepa's, Let's Talk About Sex, running through my head for days.

Any day with a little Salt n Pepa, is a good day, I always say.

When I set about to writing for this series, my intention was not to talk about sex, necessarily, but rather loving my husband intentionally.

Sometimes when I write things, the idea I have in my head is not at all what I end up with in the end. I was always really terrible at outlining those five paragraph essays in school.

Anyway, before I move on, a disclaimer:
Sex is an uncomfortable topic---for some. And peering into someone's bedroom, is even more uncomfortable (sorry Mom and Dad). You should know that Brad reads these posts before they're published, and he has full nix-the-whole-thing-right-before-it's-due power. Several people told me they didn't think their husbands would have been cool them putting it out there like this. Brad, rather than decoy, avoid, or make void the topic, was open to letting me talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. We pray that this peek into our lives encourages mamas in the same weary season of life, or maybe prepares you if you're not a mama yet.
So. On intentionality.

I don't know that I have one love language.

I feel loved when people are intentional. We're all busy people, right? But, when someone takes a moment to
  • bring me a cup of coffee
  • give me a hug
  • spend time chatting with me
  • create the perfect gift that they know I'll appreciate
I feel loved. Because I is sacrifice, and people give to what they love.


To read more, and to learn how all this relates to zombies...

...yes, I'm serious. 

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