Monday, October 11, 2010


112. The nice lady on the bike trail who call me a "remarkable woman" for parenting twins (I think I should stick to the bike trail--it's good for my self-esteem and a great motivator).

113. Walk and playdate Becca and the twins.

114. Walk with Alice and Isaiah.

115. Indian summer (is that phrase politically correct anymore?).

116. Another good weight check Hadley=14 lbs 4 oz, Brynne=15 lbs 4 oz.

117. Wisdom and encouragement from Melissa.

118. Playing outside on a blanket with my family.

119. Thoughtfulness, prayers, understanding, friendship and love from Shelly.

120. Early Christmas present for the girls.

121. Sleeping in.

122. An awesome husband who took care of the girls, so that I could sleep in.

123. Beautiful fall colors beginning to emerge.

124. A wonderful meal and good conversation with Ellyn and Laila.

125. Pumpkin bread from Laila.

126. A bushel of apples and eight sugar pumpkins all made into baby food by my amazing husband while I was out to dinner.

127. Introducing the girls, playing on the blanket and a wonderful chat with Christina.

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