Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Thankfulness

250. Meditating on the beautiful truth in this post as we celebrate Christmas.

251. Listening to "thunks" through the monitor as the girls throw binks out of their crib when they are supposed to be napping.

252. Dinner and drinks out with Laila and Ellyn.

253. Being able to laugh in an uncomfortable situation.

254. The kind of snow that sticks to the trees.

255. Introducing the girls to playing in the snow.

257. Hadley getting her two front teeth for Christmas.

258. Playing Santa for the first time.

259. Two girls most excited about the toothbrush in their stocking.

260. Safe travels in less than favorable driving conditions. 

261. Meeting baby Landon.

262. Hadley and Brynne taking a nap at their grandparents' house.

263. Family time at the Jenkins'.

264. Fun with grandparents.

265. Two girls going for rides in their new wagon.

266. Hadley waving "night night" to the puppy dogs.

holy experience

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