Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mama Loves: Norwex

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  • Sun Catcher Kite---the perfect spring craft!
  • The perfect solution for your tall, skinny toddler---Dapper Snappers.
  • Fight Club--a way for friends to challenge you spiritually, and it might just make you a better mama. 
Two more quick things.
  1. The nail polish color I was sporting in last week's post is "Don't Mess With Texas" by OPI. 
  2. The homemade detergent is gentle enough for an infant's delicate skin. 

I know I'm not the only mama that raves about Norwex products.

The washcloths, towels, and cleaning cloths all gather up germs and keep them away, with their Anti-bac technology, which is definitely something I love.

Their Anti-bac cloths don't just push around, but remove dirt and germs from the surface you're cleaning, then traps them, so that they aren't transferred when you go to wipe the next surface. So, literally, you could rub the cloth on the floor of a public restroom, then wipe your baby's face, and no germs would be transferred (not that I'm about to try that scenario out). 

I started out with some washcloths for the kitchen, and some washcloths for the girls to use for their bath. Was very happy with everything! I was especially delighted with the kitchen cloths! They were amazingly well, and are way more absorbent (and softer) than the other kitchen washcloths we own.

Love the girls' washcloths too! They are so soft, and just work better!

I've since gotten some more of these to use on the girls for after-meal clean-up (they just arrived yesterday!). The other washcloths we own, which we've had since Day One with the girls, are stiff, stained, and just plain gross. Though they've seen a lot of action, and been with us through it all, I must admit that I'm thrilled to be getting rid of those.

Norwex also offers cleaning products, which I haven't tried. Everything they make is geared towards being kind to the environment, and safe for families, which is right up my alley!

In order to purchase Norwex stuff, you have to buy through a consultant. They do parties and such, but you don't have to attend one in order to purchase. Here's the website for the nice Norwex lady that I use, named Becky. She lives in South Carolina, and I've never met her, but we email. She's super-nice, and will get you your stuff lickety-split (Does any one else use that expression? I'm feeling self-conscious since Google doesn't acknowledge it as a word). 

 Anyway. Can't wait to see what you're loving!

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Once Upon A Time said...

Hmm- might have to check those cloths out!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

LOVE NOREX!! L-O-V-E. I really like your recent post about making your own stuff too though...a good combo I suppose...use your homebrewed cleaners with their cloths!

Happy Monday!

championm2000 said...

Off to check out the Norwex lady's site...lickety-split!