Monday, June 25, 2012

Summertime Thanks

It's summertime! It's easy to be thankful when I see our girlies out in the sunshine, having a good time. (1329-1336)
  • Watermelon!

  • Pool + Slide = Way more fun!

  • The girls have been doing all kinds of talking lately. Some of it really cracks me up! The other day when the girls were supposed to be napping, Hadley kept saying over and over again: 
Mama! Papa! You coming, okay? Then after a pause, Please?! Just in case that made a difference.
  • What I'm about to tell you will most certainly put me on the same level with some 10 year old school boys, but I just couldn't help giggling when Brynne told me, very seriously:
Hadley no touch balls, Mama!
 That's right, Baby Girl, you keep on telling her that, until her wedding day. 
  • Brad and I taught Sunday School yesterday. A little boy bonked his head right before snack time. After a quick cry, he decided that snack time was more important, but he asked if I would wipe his tears before he started eating. Ha! So, yesterday afternoon, Hadley was very sad that we had to leave a friends' pool. Once she stopped crying, she looked at me and asked me to wipe her tears. Apparently she was listening carefully during Sunday School. 
  • Speaking of our friends' pool, I was so proud of our girls! They did such a great job kicking their feet and putting their faces in the water. They were sad to leave the pool, and have jabbered about it all day today. They can't wait to go swimming in the "big pool" again.  
  • The girls have started owning (and being very proud of) their nicknames. Hadley thumps her chest and enthusiastically says, Hadley-Roo! Then, Brynne chimes in, thumping her chest Brynnie-Boo. *Giggles ensue*


Melissa Ann said...

We need to try the pool/slide thing! Thanks for the idea :)

Joan said...

Looks as if your girls are enjoying the summer. Nothing like watermelon!


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Yay for summer fun and laughter!! :) That watermelon looks delicious!

championm2000 said...

Isn't the talking at this age just so adorable?? It's like a word explosion.

Glad to see you are enjoying the summer!

Emily said...

Your summer looks like it's been so fun already! Also, their swim suits are adorable! Do you remember where they're from?

Corinne Ritz said...

Can you hear me gushing over here? Well, I am! This post was filled with cuteness!