Monday, April 16, 2012

The one where I learn that sewing is kind of like parenting

So. I sat down at my new sewing machine yesterday afternoon.

I carefully read through the manual.
Followed all the instructions for getting thread in all the right places. 
Got my material all lined up.
And I began to sew. Bonus: I was sewing in strait line!

I'm thinking: I can totally do this, this sewing thing's not so hard!


Then, there was a loud noise, and a piece of metal almost impaled my eye.

Who knew sewing machines could be so dangerous?! (And sewing machine needles so flimsy?)

I showed my husband the travesty that befell my new sewing machine, and he promptly went out to the garage to get me some safety goggles, which he insists I must wear every time I sit down to sew now. (I think he's just doing that, so that he can laugh at me).

Anyway----isn't that kind of like parenting sometimes?

We read the parenting books, and try to follow the directions---then, bam! A broken sewing machine needle. Or maybe things just don't go quite as smoothly as they do in the book.

But---through our failed attempts, we learn a valuable lesson. You should always wear safety goggles when parenting.

Or something. 


Anonymous said...

That's (scary) funny Julia! I got a sewing machine for Christmas a few years ago and the first time I tried it out I went through 3 needles!! I get the whole saftey goggle scared the crap out of me! hmmmm maybe we have the same brand of machine!! haha

Lauren said...

Whoa! Freaky!

Melissa Ann said...

First, this post cracked me up! Sounds like Brad's humor through a thoroughly female lens. Oneness at it's finest.

The I don't know what kind of fabric you've got, but if it's thick and your needle is thin (size 9-11) then that could be responsible for the break. Or the needle was in wrong. Or it was time to quit sewing for the night... oh, wait... that's just my cue to quit...

And speaking of parenting... off to put the broken needle back in her bed... or something... :-p

Jessica said...

very funny :)

Olusola said...

I was planning to use my new sewing machine for the first time tonight but now you have me scared stiff

Holly Tumpkin said...

haha glad you're ok! (my husband always wants me to wear a helmet for everything LOL!!)

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

YIKES! and oy vey to the sewing machine needle. Those things freak me out. I worry mine is going to break all the time and don't worry...I've broken my fair share. :) And parenting definitely needs safety goggles!

KERRY said...

Hi Julia! Thank you for making me smile with this post :)
I have popped over from Melissa's blog and I'm now following :)
I really want to learn how to sew, but being impaled in the eye doesn't sound fun ;)
Have a great weekend!