Monday, January 10, 2011

Epiphany Thanks

279. Brynne figuring out how zippers work.

280. Little girls in a rocking chair.

281. Fires in the fireplace.

282. Brad witnessing Hadley standing on her own for the first time.

283. Brynne going tunnelling.

284. The girls seeking out the doorstops every single day.

285. Reading time with both my girls.

286. Chatting with Melissa on the phone.

287. My geranium blooming in January.

288. Avoiding an accident when the girls were in the car with me.

289. Seeing Brynne's joy in getting to splash water everywhere in the big bathtub.

290. Peeking at the puppy dogs.

holy experience


Jodi said...

#281 YES! ,#288 praise God.

Jodi said...

#281 YES! ,#288 praise God.