Monday, June 13, 2011



Inhale; belly rises.
Exhale; belly falls.

Sometimes I just need to breathe.

It's so simple, breathing. It's involuntary. Constant. 

When I think about it though; breathe with my belly instead of my chest, I imagine God pouring himself into me. Pouring calm, pouring peace--till I feel full up to the brim.

I've needed his pouring this week; I've needed to do lots of breathing. It's been a hard week. Full of fussy toddlers, difficult situations and spilled milk.

So, I breathe.

Inhale; belly rises.
Exhale; belly falls.
Thy fishes breathe but where thy waters roll; thy birds fly but within thy airy sea,
My soul breathes only in thy infinite soul; I breathe, I think, I love, I live but thee.
Oh breathe, oh sink--O Love, live into me...
~George MacDonald.
Counting my gifts amidst the hard stuff:

712. Hadley trying on mama's shoes.

713. Cute way to keep hair out of eyes.

714. Sunday finest.

715. Orange.

716. Daylilies.

holy experience


B. said...

love the pretty sun dresses! It makes me long for a baby girl.

Amanda said...

You have two good looking girls. Love them in their dresses! Went to Carters this weekend to exchange the swimming suits. Package in the mail soon! AA

championm2000 said...

I actually count time I get to breathe intentionally as precious ME time.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I don't talk about religion in a public forum very often, but I know you won't mind. :)

I read a book on Eastern Orthodoxy about 10 years ago, about a couple's conversion from having grown up in the Protestant faith. The wife talked about learning to meditate and pray. I can't remember the exact details, but I believe it was an Orthodox priest that shared with her what he was taught in his studies.

It can be hard to clear one's mind and focus on prayer / meditation. He encouraged her to find a phrase that she could repeat over and over, until she was completely focused. I've adopted it myself...

Breathe in: "Lord,"
Breathe out: "Jesus Christ,"
Breathe in: "Have mercy..."
Breathe out: "...on me."

It's been my go-to for about 10 years now, a way to center and focus.

I'm sorry you've had a rough week of it...keep on breathing...this, too, shall pass. Thinking of you! :) :)

reanbean said...

So sorry to hear that things have been rough. We've been through some rough patches too, and sometimes it can all feel like so much that breathing is really the only thing that one can do.

I sometimes have to hide out behind the closed door in the bathroom to take some deep breaths, clam down, and refocus (all while there is crying or screaming or mischief making on the other side). I try to imagine how the current situation appears to my children and then try to figure out what I can do to change the course of our day. Sometimes, just doing something different is enough (leaving the house, or getting the kids to settle down with me to listen to some books) other times, discipline is necessary.

Hopefully, better days are just around the corner. Hang in there.

Amy said...

I love the pictures of the flowers...great examples of God's beauty.

PS. I have those them. And my little girl twin has mastered walking in sister's flip stinkin' cute, I'm trying to capture it on video.

Craig said...

first, I want to tell you that I just finished praying for you – to keep your nose above the waterline until the water level drops or until He lifts you out or until He gives you floaties for your tired arms. and the pictures that make up your list – all of them are gorgeous. So, the flowers take second place to my favorite of your list. I always wondered why Pebbles from the Flintstones had her hair that way – this hairdo was invented way back then. Who knew? I hearted this. Thank you. It all made me smile. God bless and keep you – and God bless and keep each and every one of yours Julia.

Laura said...

What beautiful photos! And bountiful blessings. Including the George MacDonald poem/prayer. So lovely! A perfect Playdate :).

MultipleMum said...

I have been doing a lot of this mindful breathing myself this week. It really is helpful! I love the idea of your 1000 gifts. Such a great way to keep tabs on the happy moments x

Diana Trautwein said...

This is lovely - and your girls are precious beyond words. Love the Macdonald poem and Mandy's suggestion of the Jesus prayer is my absolute go-to in times of stress and/or anxiety. Only the version I learned is a few more words: "Lord Jesus Christ" - said silently while breathing in; "Son of God" - said silently while breathing out; "Have mercy on me" - in; "a sinner"- out. Doing that with belly breathing is literally a life and sanity saver. Blessings with your little ones and all their lovely mess.