Friday, June 3, 2011

What Are We Missing?:True Beauty Conversations

My friend Melissa and I are continuing our conversation about Beauty this morning. We've been talking about True Beauty through a series of letters on Fridays: What is Beauty? What will we tell our daughters about Beauty? We're so glad you're joining us. We would love to hear from you!


Dear Melissa,

This week I read this post from Kendra at Miracle of the Moment. She talks about what it means and what it would look like for her family to "be okay", and here's some of what she came up with:
  • to see her children grow well into adulthood
  • for her marriage to thrive
  • for her children's marriages to thrive
  • for her children to be good spouses and parents 
  • for her children to love Jesus 
  • good health
  • to have enough money

 So, this morning, as I remembered it was Friday. I thought about Kendra's post in terms of beauty.
Follow me over here to read the rest.

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