Monday, June 27, 2011

Orange and Green

So. The other day I learned what Brad's favorite color is.

Yup, it's orange and green, equally (in case you were wondering).

I have no idea how I failed to know this until now. It's one of those things I'd think I would have thought to know about the person I'm married to. It's not life-changing, or perspective-changing, really. Just one of those random facts that I feel like I should know about the person who fathered my children.

Yesterday I learned something new about God. Don't you love it when that happens? It's invigorating and exciting! It's like:
Wow! Really?! He does that?!
Yesterday I heard a sermon from the book of Luke (excellent sermon--I highly suggest you check it out!). I enjoy reading Luke, I think it's my favorite gospel to read. Luke was a doctor. He wrote with great compassion, sensitivity, and used a lot of women to make some great points. In the parable I want to talk about, The Parable of the Lost Coin, the woman is God.

I love that. I love thinking about God as a woman. A mother, who opens her arms and draws me in close to her bosom, strokes my hair, kisses my head, loves me so much it aches, and smells like home cookin'. I can relate to that.

Truly, God is neither man, nor woman--he created both, and is both, but we call him, Him all the time, so I think it's easy to forget about the motherly, nurturing, gentle characteristics that He possesses. The strong, fatherly, Savior, Deliverer, Creator, stuff sort of over-shadows the gentleness (for me, at least).

The The Parable of the Lost Coin is short, (Luke 15:8-10):
Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Does she not light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbors together and says, 'Rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin.' In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of angels of God over one sinner who repents.
So, remember, the woman is God. She rejoices. She rejoices.

When I ask for forgiveness, God rejoices!

God dances and rejoices in the presence of his angels, because I've sought forgiveness.

I'd never realized before yesterday that it isn't the angels that are rejoicing (they're already praising him all the time), it's God. God's doing the rejoicing!

Doesn't that just fill your heart with joy?! God, the creator of the whole world, throws his hands in the air, waves them around like he just don't care, when you seek forgiveness.

In short, you seek forgiveness, he boogies down! He celebrates!

I wonder if it would be effective for me to start dancing jigs and cheering every time Hadley gives Brynne back the toy she yanks away, or if Brynne would decide to share one of the two soccer balls we have with Hadley.

God knows and loves each of us deeper and wider and fuller be than I have the capacity to love my daughters, and he dances when we seek him. He cares that much.
Wow! Really?! He does that?! 
Yes. Yes he does.


Counting my gifts today:

728. Watermelon faces.

729. Black raspberry face.

730. Hadley helping her mama stuff diapers.

731. Two naps.

732. Watching my parents interact with the girls.

733. Hadley puzzling with her grandma.

734. Brynne getting lessons on how to propel herself on the car from her grandma.

735. Hadley being taught by her grandma how to swing her leg over to get on and off the car. 

736. Pigtails.

737. Brynne walking backwards with her grandpa.

738. Girls playing in a field.

739. Brynne picking yellow flowers and handing them to her mama. 

holy experience


Josh and Kelly said...

Two naps. what a gift! love your pictures- your girls are adorable!

Josh and Kelly said...
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Laura said...

I recently had a discussion with a friend about the feminine characteristics of God. I loved reading your thoughts on that. He transcends it all, you are so right. I love seeing these photos of your blessings! Just lovely.

Mary Cavalier said...

Julia- Loved your thoughts - thanks for sharing. It does bring joy to my heart to see my daughters (even as adults) enjoy each other or do things together. Just think how much more it pleases God to see His people loving each other.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Such great thought about the character of God. I grew up with the image of a stern, glarey-eyed God with a boney, pointy finger that was accusing and just waiting to punish me for every little thing. It took a long time to let go of that and wrap myself in His grace and love! Loved your list today. Your joy and smiles just burst through your words, and that in itself was a big blessing!

Amy said...

Appreciated your thought-provoking post. And your girls are darling! Adore the pic in the field:)

Amy Sullivan said...

Clicked over from Michelle's.

Your header is so perfect! And your girls have adorable names.

I love learning new things. Thanks for sharing your "new" with all of us. It's one of the things that makes blogging so fun.


Sweet insights. Your family is adorable.


Once Upon A Time said...

Awww! I can't WAIT until I get my first handpicked flowers!

Jen said...

Hi there! So, so glad that you found Soli Deo Gloria. I loved this post for many reasons, but the main one is that you have offered me a totally new perspective that I had never entertained before. I know that Laura, from Playdates with God, often refers to the Holy Spirit as "she" in her posts. And I had never thought about the feminine characteristics of God, really.

Welcome and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yes... It is so good to know that He is both male and female. Because God is a being, not a human form.

And yes, like you, the Gospel of Luke tend to be the one I go back most often.

Thank you for this...I truly enjoy reading your words.


Anonymous said...

It is very good to be reminded that God rejoices when I seek forgiveness. Thanks!

Tiffini said...

beautiful pictures:) I agree with that we/I do call Him..Him but I do often experience God as a woman..the gentleness, nurturing & compassion.
And yes - doing a dance when the kids ask forgiveness or do things that are good choices, godly choices..that is a good idea:) maybe it would become a part of them so as the grow up they can experience more of God that way?..

Michelle DeRusha@Graceful said...

I'm with Jennifer -- I've enjoyed a whole new perspective on both God and that parable of the lost coin. Thank you for walking me through it and expanding my defition of the ever-expanding God!

And your girls? Totally cute!

Thanks for linking's lovely to meet you here!

Diana Trautwein said...

Love this post, love the gospel of Luke, love those precious girls of yours, love, love, LOVE the idea of God boogeying on down when we come to him with confession - hands and hearts open to receive his joyful forgiveness.

An OT picture of the feminine nature of God is the entire book of Ruth - Ruth is the faithful one there, the one showing CHESED (mercy/faithful love/ commitment...just like God does with us human creatures. Love finding those gems that remind us of the fullness of the God we serve. Thanks for this.

Pamela said...

Love the thought of God dancing while forgiving. Great mind picture. And the thought that He dances over me!