Monday, January 9, 2012

Buffalo gals won't you come out tonight...

...and dance by the light of the moon.

Our girls have been loving all things moon-related lately.

Did you see the moon this past week? It was glorious and bright. That, coupled with our unusually weather has made some some pretty spectacular evenings with our girls.

There was one night in particular. We took the girls out to look at the moon, then we let them run around in the yard barefoot for a few minutes. They loved the feel of the cool grass on their feet. Barefooted babes in January (1133). Doesn't that just make you smile?

Last night Brad took me outside to show me the ring around the moon---all full and bright (1034). Magnificent! I love that things like that speak to him (1035). I love that he knows they speak to me too, so he comes and gets me (1036).

This warm weather also allowed us to go for a run and make a quick stop at the park to swing on the swings with our friends Laila and Nori (1037).

We also got to smell and admire all the confused flowers in the garden (1038) and see the daffodils sprouting (1039).

We also got to enjoy a morning at Fresh Pasture Farms (1040).

It was so much fun to watch Brynne fearlessly run around with the chickens (1041). 

And how cool that the girls were allowed to, gently, gather our eggs to take home (1042).

 There was more besides just the moon and the weather.

I got to sit down to breakfast--for two hours (!!) with one of my dearest, closest girlfriends (1043). It was the first time we'd gotten together, without there being a baby involved, in over two years. It brought much joy to my spirit!

Brynne had a great ear check this week! (1044) We might have two healthy girls this winter yet!

Hadley learned how to make corn in her kitchen this week (1045). She boils the water, and seasons it up with salt and pepper. It's pretty darn cute!

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Corinne Ritz said...

So cute that she makes corn! Of all things! It's too cold, cloudy and rainy here in the northwest to see the moon or run around barefoot in the grass. I'm trying to not be jealous!

Heather B said...

My boys are obsessed with the moon as well. They LOVE running outside when it is dark and yelling "See MOOOON!"