Monday, January 23, 2012


I think Brad and I say Whoa! way too much.

Our girls say it all the time--about everything.

Here's your supper, Hadley.
Response: Whoa!

As I take off a very wet or very dirty diaper.
Response: Whoa!

As a pick up the girls from their nap--one girl in each arm.
Brynne's response: Whoa!

I love the enthusiasm!

So much to be thankful for this past week!

I had a moment where I realized just how much our baby girls were growing up (1058). You know those moments?

You're stunned, maybe a little bit emotional, but you have to quickly recover, because this is toddlers we're talking about. Two of them. They don't pause for "moments" like that.

On Monday (MLK day), it was gorgeous outside (1059). We took the girls for a walk at our local nature reserve--get this--without a stroller! (1060 &1061) They did so well (1062)! Brad and I bravely took them out over the water, so they could get a closer look at the geese, which they loved. (1063) They held our hands and obeyed beautifully. (1064) I was so proud of them!

Our girls' artwork has been decorating our refrigerator, which I love, but it was a lot of paper. So, Brad helped me create this: (1065)

Just a board, screws (left sticking out about 1/4 inch and hooks you can get at an
office supply store.

I found Hadley enjoying her books the other day in her new favorite hiding spot. (1066)


Brynne loves that spot too. (1067)

Brynne hammering: (1068)

Hadley's tall, tall towers built with Duplo Legos (great toy for toddlers!!): (1069)

This left-handed mama might just love her propensity to use her left hand. (1070)

Hadley signing that we should be quiet, because her baby is sleeping. (1071)

Brynne hiding, and popping out at just the right moment with an enthusiastic "BOO!" (1072)

Our community small group met at our house this past Tuesday (1073). I was told that I shouldn't stress, and should let our little community see us as we are, in our mess. I couldn't help myself but to clean anyway. I am happy to report that I mis-timed our dinner a little bit, so there were actually a few dishes in the sink when people got here (1074). I'm even more happy to report---I was able to let that go, and enjoy good fellowship (1075).

The girls posing with their papa: (1076)

holy experience

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Corinne Ritz said...

Whoa! Great post. Bennett, who is slightly younger than your girls, has started saying, "Yep." To everything instead of yes. I love it. He uses the right inflection for it and everything.

I love reading these gratitude posts of yours. Thanks.