Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mama Loves: Being Pushy

Welcome to another week of Mama Loves! So glad that you've stopped by!

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Maybe you've found: 
  • a toy or book that captivates your child(ren)
  • gear you just can't live without
  • a recipe your choosy toddler gobbles down
  • a parenting book that you've found perspective changing
  • an activity that wears your kid(s) out (these lead to good naps, which we all love)
  • an outfit that flatters your post-baby body and makes you feel fabulous
  • or anything else you're loving--creativity welcome!
Share it with us! Blogging has made me a better mama, because I've learned about all kinds of great things, like those listed above, from mamas just like you. Here's your chance to share it with all of us!

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Manic Mother

Hi there! I feel I need to apologize for not showing up last week. My sister came to visit, Brad had been home a lot, and quite honestly, I didn't even know it was Saturday until we were half way through the day. Forgive me? Mama did really love the break, so thank you for your grace.

I'd love to keep on with Mama Loves in 2012. I've said it before, I've been very blessed from all your fabulous posts! Clever activities, ideas, recipes, toys, books, gear---all of it!

A note on that---if you're on Pinterest---Pin those great posts! Pinterest is a great way to get traffic, and maybe some new readers. People love great ideas on that Pinterest, I tell you! I've started a Mama Loves board on my Pinterest page.

Got everything pinned last night. HOLY COW! People love your mama-approved ideas! The Dapper Snappers were a clear winner with 26 repins and seven likes in a matter of 56 minutes! Woah! So--if your stats were blown-up last night---I might have put you on Pinterest. Who knew Pinterest would be so popular at 10 PM on a Friday night?! Oh, and, Melissa, someone left a comment wanting to know where they could buy a Mommy Hook. Can you help?

(Please email me, if for some reason, you don't want me to include your post(s) there---I'll take them down strait away!).

Now, down to business!

My bloggy friend, Mandy always talks about stuff with her girls that has "stood the test of time".

Our girls love to push things around, which is better than them pushing me or each other around, which--let's face it, that happens, anyway around here, sometimes.

For their birthday last year, our girls got, what we refer to as a "vacuum-sweeper popper". They push that thing around every. single. day. It's their vacuum when I vacuum---they're such great helpers!

Our girls recently received some more things to push around:

A pram to push their babies around (I know you probably call it a buggy, but I like that the girls know it as a pram--makes me feel a bit British. Would you like a spot of tea?):

We also have a fabulous new shopping cart:

I would highly recommend all three of these toys. They are durable, well made, and our girls absolutely love them! Push toys have definitely stood the test of time around here!

Do you have push toys that your littles love?

Can't wait to see what you're loving this week!


Lauren said...

I haven't checked, but if you've pinned anything of mine, could you please take it down? Quickly??? Thanks!

championm2000 said...

We love our new push toys, too! We have a stroller, a shopping cart, and plastic dump truck with BIG wheels--perfect for pushing.

Since Santa's delivery, the babies have stopped pushing the wood chairs around the house (yay)!

PS-I bought my Mommy Hook at Babies R Us.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Last summer, our girls got bubble mowers for outside. They love them! The bubble part is not actually the draw (thank goodness, as it doesn't work very reliably!), but they just love something about mowing the grass like Daddy! :)

We have baby strollers, but I haven't gotten them out yet. I know our girls are going to love them, too!

Julia said...

Hi Lauren,

I am so sorry! Please forgive? I did pin your bubble table, and it was pretty popular---several people had repined it. I've deleted it from the Mama Loves board, so it's down now; however, I don't know how to "take it back" (?) from the people who have already repinned it (and if their followers repinned it again, etc.).

I'm so sorry. The thing is----that idea is so cool---someone might have already put it on Pinterest. You'd never even know it. They just pin cool stuff they see, and it's done.

Again, I apologize. It seems I should have asked before I went pinning.

If anyone else has a problem with this---please, please let me know! I'll delete immediately!

Once Upon A Time said...

Julia, I am okay if you pin my things, but can you try not to use my blog header as the image or photos of my babies' faces? Anyway you could change those now for future repines by people? I'm glad that the dapper snappers were so popular, and but also relieved that I didn't use a photo of Anna's face. Thinking about what to "love" for this week...

Lauren said...

Thanks for taking down off of yours, at least. I actually kind of hate pinterest (even though I use it) because I hate the idea of my stuff being pinned and making it around to lots of other people. I don't have any desire for people I know IRL to find my blog. My husband is the only person who even knows I have a blog!

Hopefully the Bubble Table won't make it much further. I wish there was a way to block my blog from being pinned.