Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mama Loves: Sensory Play

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Manic Mother

I found this great website on Pinterest called The Imagination Tree.

This chick does a ton of sensory play with her kids, and I was inspired.

So, I attempted this one.

If you've gone to see what it's all about. She has it set up outside. A good idea.

I'll say this: it would appear, that all sensory play is messy. But--it's SO very important to a child's development.

I attempted this very messy activity inside.

It was rough. There were certainly times when I felt like I needed to run into my room and scream into my pillow. Helene, I totally get it.

I gave my girls three mixing bowls, and filled them with dry rice, lentils and egg noddles. I gave them a few paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls and mixing spoons.

I put all of this on a plastic table cloth in an attempt to keep all the mess contained. It does work, for the most part. (After vacuuming and Swiffering, I'm still finding random grains of rice all over our house. I have no idea how this happened).

So, my girls enjoyed running their fingers through the rice and lentils and noodles. Mama did too!

The thing is---this is super easy to do.

The beauty of this is that you just grab whatever is in the pantry---dry beans, rice or noodles. No extra cost, or trips to the craft store--BONUS!

The other great thing about these items is that if your babes try to put any of this stuff in their mouths (my girls did) it's all edible and safe.

I have to say---running your fingers through a rice/lentil mixture is very calming. Seriously---it is! It feels good. My girls LOVE it. And they ask to do it all the time.

While I realize their asking means I'll be finding random grains of rice throughout my house 10 days from now, I'm so excited that they ask! Really.

Them asking means they like it. It means that it means something to them. It means that those strong feelings I get of needing to run into the other room to scream into a pillow at the pure messy-insanity of this exercise, is not in vain, because my girls are getting something out of it---so help me! 

So, I do love sensory play. I encourage you to try it! Mostly, because your kids will love it, it's really cheap, and you will be doing something good for them. Even if it almost kills you.
I'm excited that we do have a Mama Loves Pinterest page. Your stuff is up there (unless you've told me otherwise). And---it's a hit! Other mamas love good ideas! Please share this page with you friends!

So, going forward, I'd love to share your ideas there, unless you, otherwise, tell me.

Please know, my idea for a Mama Loves Pinterest page was well intentioned. I love your ideas, and I love sharing your ideas with others. I hope that doesn't stop you from sharing here. If you'd like to stay off Pinterest, just let me know.

I can't wait to see what you're loving this week!


championm2000 said...

The irony of our Mama Loves' posts this week has not escaped me--you are sharing how to make a mess; I am sharing a way to clean it up.

Ying and yang :-)

I love the ideas for sensory play, and even if totally messes with my order, I will definitely be trying it!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Our girls have had lots of fun playing with buttons recently. We only do it under very close supervision, but running our fingers through my big pail of buttons is super fun. They love sorting, and dumping from one bucket to another. The sounds are great, too!

I just read something recently about playing with Legos, and I wonder if it might be an idea for your lentils. :) The mom suggested spreading a king-size fitted sheet on the floor, and when play is over, gather it all up that way.

Thanks for the Pinterest link...I'll be checking that one out, too! :)

Heather B said...

Oh, how my munchkins would love this. Between them and the stalking dogs it should be very entertaining!

Once Upon A Time said...

Julia, you crack me up. Kudos to you for doing stuff outside of your comfort zone to be the best mama you can be for your girls.