Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wearing Both My Babies

Being new at this whole blogging thing, I've been checking out lots of other blogs just to see what kinds of things people write about. My searching has wielded lots of interest in new baby products out there, namely baby carriers. The more I read about baby wearing and attachment parenting, the more of a fan I am, and try to incorporate those philosophies into our parenting.

In the past I've spoken about our infant carriers that we use all the time. We love to wear our babies, and they enjoy it too. It promotes an attachment and closeness to our daughters that I can't really even describe--it has to be experienced. Most of my baby wearing happens in the evening when my husband is home--he wears one and I wear the other. I would really like to be able to wear both girls at the same time throughout the day when he is away. The Baby K'tans that we have does allow you to carry a baby on your back, but this requires the presence of a second person to help you place them safely in the carrier. This is not helpful! I need to be able to wear both of my babies unassisted. I did find a carrier that would let me put one of the twins on my back all by myself--the Ergo Baby Carrier. So, I could wear one baby on the front in my Baby K'tan, and one baby on my back in my Ergo Baby Carrier--I feel freer just knowing that this is a solution to being able to sling both babies at the same time!

This leads me back to the opening of this post about bloggers. This mom, Laura Etherton, has a blog where she reviews and gives away baby products--she has hundreds of followers eagerly awaiting her giveaways. Doesn't that sound like fun?! She's got a pretty sweet gig. Currently she has a contest to win an Ergo Baby Carrier. I think it would be very cool to win--I think my twins would love for me to wear them both at the same time, and I would love it too.

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