Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Cutest Little Fire Fighters You Ever Did See

My girls love trucks.

Garbage trucks.
Recycling trucks.
UPS trucks.
Fed Ex trucks.
Dump trucks.
Fire trucks.

Anytime they hear a loud truck-sounding engine, they rush to the window, and clamor for the best spot to view said truck.

It's pretty adorable, actually.

This past Saturday, Brad's company had their annual picnic. Part of the entertainment was a fire truck from the local fire department.

The girls were enthralled with all things fire truck. Hadley insisted on putting her hat on immediately, and paged through her fire fighter coloring book the entire way home. And, both she and Brynne made the fire engine noise sporadically for the rest of the day.

(Please excuse the silly look on my face, it was very hot that day--the temperature was over 100 degrees and sweat was pooling in my bra, I can't be responsible for the expressions on my face in conditions like those).

The fun didn't stop once we were hunkered down in the chill of our air-conditioned home.

Brynne was rockin' the pigtails, and she wanted you to see just how cute they are, so she just held her hat a lot. 

If you have a chance to take your kids to see fire trucks, they will love you for it!


Twinside Out said...

These pictures are so cute!! What a fun time. We have a fire engine toy that is a hot ticket item around here, but I had to take it away - Doodle was using it as a stepladder to try to launch himself over the gate.

Love Brynne's pigtails, and love that Hadley was so enthralled with the coloring book!

Shell said...

Love those little firefighters! We are going on Friday to the firehouse. Max and the garbage truck driver are "friends". He honks and Max waves...every Monday and Thursday :) I think the garbage truck driver enjoys it just as much as Max.

Ordinary Girl said...

Bean is so in love with trucks now too. She calls them "vroom vrooms." Although it doesn't sound exactly like that when she says it. I've been trying to giver her every opportunity to admire them. And, I recently realized that whenever I'm in a picture with Bean, even though she usually can't see me, I'm making the "make Bean smile" face which is not a face I ever make in normal life or good for anything other then making her smile. So no need to explain silly looks here!