Thursday, July 28, 2011


Our house is almost entirely wood floors. In my efforts to keep those floors free of pesky dust bunnies, I break out the Swiffer frequenly.  

This past week, the girls saw the Swiffer, and wanted to take their turn Swiffering. After I'd gotten the dust up, I refilled the Swiffer with a fresh Swiffer Sweeper (try saying that five times fast).

The girls went at it for a half an hour, and even picked up a bit of dust that their mama missed.


And, yes, I am planning on busting these pictures out any time they complain about chores. I'll remind them that they used to scramble for their turn at the Swiffer. 

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood


Lauren said...

Noah has been swiffering my floors for months! It's one of his favourite activities. I hope he keeps it up. My problem is that he likes to take the dusty swiffer into the carpeted bedrooms... not helpful.

Affton said...

Austin LOVES to swiffer my floors! I take a few of the extenders out and make it shorter for him to use. So funny how the best "toys" aren't actually toys at all.

B. said...

Awesome! My boys like to steal my vacuum attachments and "help" clean. You can never start too early.

Twinside Out said...

DEFINITELY hang on to those pictures!! Swiffering is so much fun - I'm glad the girls enjoyed getting in on the action.