Thursday, December 15, 2011

All is calm...

Or so the song goes.

When I hear Silent Night, I think of immense quiet. That "you can actually hear the snow falling" quiet. Some of you southerners, sadly, won't know what I'm talking about, and for us notherners, it's getting hard to remember--what is up with 60 degrees in December?!


Even more "sadly" is that amidst that hustle and bustle, I find the words in those lyrics seeming so unrelateable.

The words calm and bright seem foggy.

Instead of resting. My soul is restless, discontent.

It's not that baby Jesus doesn't do it for me.

He does and did.

I feel like one of these women on the right:

I feel harried, frantic, insane, out of touch with what's important (sorry if you were one of those women on the right--grace to you, I'm sure you got one helluva deal).


This morning I am counting my thanks, because last week was a pretty terrific week. In the midst of my counting, I'm breathing. Attempting to find that "calm and bright" feeling---it's around here somewhere.

What do you do around this time of year to get that calm and bright thing going on?

1079. Bundling the girls to go outside to see the full moon.

1080. A little mittened hand in mine.

1081. Letting the girls run around outside in their winter garb.

1082. A row of pigtails.

1083. Crafting at the Children's Museum--foam stickers and hats.

1084. More Children's Museum fun!

1085. The pure and utter joy and delight that comes from playing with a balloon.

1086. Celebrating second birthdays with friends.

1087. Pinterest!

holy experience

...all is bright...


championm2000 said...

Silent Night always makes me teary-eyed.

I know what you are saying about feeling harried. I've gone to this place of crafting and making things, I think, in response to feeling like it's all to much about buying.

I also had an epiphany yesterday about what I want for Christmas. It's not something I want to share right now, but let's just say it's my answer to feeling like I am being moved to give rather than receive.

Great pictures from the museum, btw!

championm2000 said...


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I hope you know how much I love these posts of yours. It's always truly a breath of fresh air. Your girls are radiant, as is your writing.

(And your helluva good deal comment cracked me up!) :) :)

Sara said...

Loved this, Julia! As always, beautiful. :)

MellyB said...

I can so, so relate to this post. I feel I am losing it this year. I want it to be simple and sweet but I feel like one of those women. In a store with arms full of stuff while there are people with real needs out there.

Thanks for this. And thanks for sharing those pigtails. Holy crap I want a little girl someday so I can force her to be adorable until she's stronger than me. So like 18 months. Until then I'll have to wear them myself and that just makes me look crazy. Not cute.