Thursday, December 8, 2011

To Tree or Not to Tree

For those of you with toddlers, did you put up a tree this year?

It took us forever to make up our minds about it.

I toyed with just doing this:

(thank you, Pinterest!)

Our girls do a pretty good job of obeying us if we ask them not to do something, but sometimes they need reminding. My fear is that they'll need a "reminder" in the 2.3 minutes I'm in the bathroom, and our girls will pretend to be woodsmen woodswomen and "chop" down our tree.

For instance, yesterday when I went to the bathroom, the girls "forgot" that they weren't supposed to open the craft cabinet. They emptied the box of 64 crayons, the box of 24 crayons, and a package of 5 crayons all over the floor.

That was 93 crayons all over our wood floor. To say nothing about the marks on the floor. Washable crayons--genius!


We did decide to put up a tree for two reasons:
  1. Family, with whom we'll be spending Christmas, has their tree up. We thought it best to desensitize them to the sensational nature of dangling shiny bobbles that they can reach.
  2. It just wouldn't feel quite like Christmas without a tree.
So...the tree's up. Our fake, lightweight, ugly, cheap Christmas tree. Decorated with our non-breakable ornaments, just in case. These ornaments, subsequently, seem to all be coated in glitter. Who thought glitter was a good idea--ever? There is so much glitter in our house, despite my best cleaning efforts, I'm pretty sure I'll awkwardly spot glitter on the bottoms of visitors well into March.

Our toddler-proof ornaments also include the candy canes I made out of pipe cleaners and beads when I was in pre-school.

The girls are learning to touch the tree with just one finger.

Do you see what I mean about the glitter?!

And---this is our Christmas tree--in all its boxed-in, glitter-fied, toddler-proofed glory:

Joy to the World!
In other, Joy to the World related news, my husband is guest blogging over at the lovely MaMe Musings today. Looking for some helpful tips to get you through the holiday? He's the man you want to listen to! Check out my husband's (ahem) serious and thought-provoking post.


Stacey said...

We put one up too, surprisingly they haven't even touched it...We don't have it blocked off and we have lots of stragtegically placed breakables...I'm floored, I thought for sure my little monkey girl would have climbed it by now...sometimes these little ones take us by surprise! Your tree is perfect!! (I probably just jinxed myself didn't I?!?!)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We put one up w/ nonbreakable ornaments but my twin boys are constantly carrying ornaments all over the place!!

Melissa Ann said...

We put one up with all plastic ball ornaments bought on clearance at Target. We actually let the girls decorate it. However, just like the magnets on the fridge, they very much enjoy un-decorating it way more. I'm not sure their are any ornaments on their level at this moment. But at least they stash them inside the nearest box/pot!

But the worst part of the tree is the cord to the lights. They've figured out how to plug/unplug to turn on (which is fine b/c they have the fine motor skills to do so). But they've also figured out that the cord ends will 'write' on the wall if the scrap it all over. Needless to say, the light cord is now stashed way up inside the tree. Sigh.

And, honestly, I'm a little relieved to hear you're having crayon mishaps. I'm not the only one! Welcome (officially) to 1.5... it's a blast... and that stage hasn't ended for us yet a 2.25. I'm actually thinking of applying my friends method and putting a table with all the crayons/paper they could ever want in the living room (which still needs to be painted)and letting them draw where ever until the novelty wears off. I'm just not sure that novelty will wear off with these two...

. said...

Oh girl! You're too funny. I think we have the out of the box girls because they have only messed with our tree once. THey got in trouble and ever since then haven't messed with it. I'm waiting though, for that moment, like you said. When I go to the bathroom or to the freezer for something. But if it happens it happens. It's just a fake tree with plastic ornaments on it.

championm2000 said...

We're crazy...guess how many trees we have? Wait for it....


Yes. I go overboard with the tree thing :-)

We have one downstairs, one on the landing upstairs, and one in the babies' room.

They really haven't touched the "big people" ones. Drew walks up to the lights and says "hot," even though they are totally NOT hot. Everything that is off limits is hot.

Part of our bedtime routine now is playing with their tree. We plug in the lights and let them take the shatter-proof ornaments on and off.

PS-your tree is beautiful!

reanbean said...

Nice work!

We haven't put up our tree yet, but that's not unusual for us since we normally put it up on my birthday (the 16th). We use an artificial tree (I'd love a real one, but my allergies have a hard time with it), and we've gradually let go of the baby proofing of it. The first two years after the kids were born we had a Superyard gate around it. Then last year, when the kids were 2.5, we did away with the gate, but only hung the non-breakable ornaments. We got a set of 12 small, soft, stuffed animal-like ornaments and let he kids hang them up at the bottom part of the tree. They rearranged them quite frequently in the days before Christmas, but it was all in good fun.

We've definitely had the "one finger" rule for the last two years and will probably continue that one this year too. It's not as necessary for our own tree, but a good rule to have when we're seeing beautiful displays while we're out and about.

Sara said...

Looks great, Julia! We put up a dink toddler friendly tree this year, as well - it is so funny because I was going to blog about it, too. You are right, it just doesn't feel like Christmas without one :)

Rebecca Burton said...

Hi my name is Becca and I hate GLITTER! Why must everything be covered in glitter?

I'm impressed that you put up a tree. We didn't have a tree for the first 2 years of my twins' lives. I just couldn't handle the stress. But it does get better! The twins are 4 now and we have 5 trees in the house. (My 3 children each have a tree with non-breakable ornaments in their rooms. I'm not a crazy Christmas person--well not that bad.) And we haven't had a single issue.