Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mama Loves: Cheap Ways to Entertain Toddlers

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Manic Mother

I'm done Christmas shopping.

Wanna know a secret?

I never set foot inside a store to get it done.

Truth? Shopping around the holidays makes me sweat (a lot). Add in two toddlers? Insanity!

I, like Katie, did all my Christmas shopping in yoga pants enjoying a tasty beverage.

Katie has a great list of websites you should check out to get great deals. Over the past months, I've gotten some killer deals on Christmas gifts for the girls by keeping tabs on those great bargain websites. You can "like" them all on facebook, or get daily email updates. Check out Katie's post, and don't miss an opportunity to get a great deal!

Did I mention there are some great deals to be had? Sheesh! I need to stop saying "deal"---there's gotta be another word for that. I'm too tired to come up with it right now. So--deal. Ha!

I may have mentioned my obsession love for Pinterest. Yeah, okay, maybe more than one time this week.

Today will make it three. (Sorry if this is getting old for you).

When I find ideas on Pinterest, I think they're all great ideas. My girls are the ones that determine if they actually are great ideas.

This one proved to be a great idea. Mama and twin approved!

The best part? It cost exactly $2.

I got some sparkly pipe cleaners at Target for $2, and got out my colander (it was a wedding present, so it was free).

My girls will sit and work on putting each end of the pipe cleaner into the holes in the colander for a good 20 minutes.

This is the end result:

Easy, fun activity for toddlers on days when it's

And too cold to play ball.
It's much better than sitting in the house and doing nothing at all.

Yeah, okay. We love Dr. Seuss around here.

Happy Saturday everyone! Can't wait to see what you're loving!

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. said...

My girls love doing this with straws. I linked my post just so you could see what sorts of things we do. I'll have to try the pipecleaners though.

B. said...

I love your ideas...I need all the help I can get keeping these chubby hands busy on all these cold indoor days.

championm2000 said...

I love this idea and will be adding pipe cleaners to the shopping list for today.

After an hour on Pinterest this morning, I have a shopping supply list for a Christmas craft, muffins, and a cool ABC board. Can you tell I am excited?? Will definitely catch back up with my Mama Loves next week!