Monday, December 19, 2011

Life is Beauty Full

Celebrating a life that is beauty full.

This is totally and completely LoVeLy! :)

Because it is. All these gifts. They are chalk-full of beauty.

Having the eyes, the ears, and the heart to see it all---that takes some work sometimes.

The result is so totally worth it!

1088. First tastes of sushi.

We need to work on proper chopstick technique!
Not quite sure about all these new tastes :)

1089. The girls' love of eggnog (without So. Co.).

1090. Impromptu visit from my parents.

1091. Girls playing with their grandparents.

1092. Boat rides with Grandpa.

1093. Link fun with Grandma.

1094. New voices to read their dear stories.

1095. Brynne being so, so, so proud of her towers.

1096. Both girls being so excited that they have an ornament that they made on our tree.

1097. A surprise phone call from dear, sweet Melissa this morning!

Sharing this today with Ann and Heather.


Miss Megan said...

Sushi and eggnog?! Wow, I am impressed!! And I still love the ornaments that they made!! Precious! I'd be proud too =).

Corinne Ritz said...

My kids LOVE Sushi! And I love that you gave them chopsticks. That made me laugh! I would be scared that they would poke their eyes out, but in my house the 4 boys would just end up sword fighting with them.

I LOVE the ornaments you made! SO cool and creative! The good thing is that they are actually really cute and look good, unlike a lot of homemade kid ornaments:)

It was way to fun to see the pics of your parents playing with the girls.