Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mama Loves: Stickers

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Manic Mother

I wanted to thank all of you that have taken the time to blog and share your Mama Loves here. I have been, and continue to be so blessed by all your great ideas!

We have a new love around here.


Oh, boy! Do we ever love stickers.

This past weekend we went to a birthday party at our local Children's Museum. The girls loved the craft--putting foam stickers on a foam visor.

Just so happens, I have some stickers. They're at least 10 years old, so I'm sure they were delighed to be thought of again. I was pleased to have a purpose for them. So, it was a win/win for the stickers and me.

I needed a project for the stickers. I didn't just want the girls to endlessly stick stickers on a paper, or their shirts, or whatever.

So, the first project--to put stickers on the backs of our Christmas cards. They did a great job! Some of the stickers were put on a little crooked (sorry if you got one of those), but overall I was pretty impressed. The girls worked really hard to do a good job.

I remembered that my friend Mandy at Twin Trials and Triumphs had done a sticker project with her girls awhile back. I found her project and Pinned it for safe keeping.

The other day, we put sticker bingo to the test. The girls were to put one sticker in each box on a grid.

As you can see, they got a few extra stickers. The skill for them to put a larger sticker vs. a smaller sticker on the paper was different, so I wanted to let them practice with both.

I was so pleased with how well they followed directions, and concentrated so dilligently to put the stickers where I asked.

At the rate we're going, stickers aren't going to last around here.

So, Santa, if you're listening, Mama could use a few packages of stickers in her stocking. The girls are partial to the Dr. Seuss stickers (so sorry if your Christmas card had a The Grinch sticker on it---please don't take that personally) if you're taking specific requests.

Can't wait to see what you're loving this week!

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championm2000 said...

I love this idea! I have lots of random stickers and this project would be a perfect use for them.

Thanks for sharing!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

So glad you and your girls are having fun with stickers! :) We buy lots of them, mostly at the dollar store / $1 spot at Target. (The girls haven't discovered the idea of name-brand stickers yet...HA!)

We've graduated to sticker letter bingo, where I put letters in the squares and ask them to find "S" or whatever. Sometimes we'll do patterns or numbers, too.

It's so funny to me how sometimes the girls can stay right on task - one or both of them - but other times they couldn't care less. I guess that's true for all of us, though! ;)

Hope you (or the girls) get some great stickers in your stocking this year! I hear Santa has been cruising the blogs for ideas. ;)

Olusola said...

I love stickers. I don't know if I was deprived of stickers as a child but I buy stickers for myself and now I can pretend it's for my girls.

I love the ideas you came up with for using the stickers with your babies. I can't wait to replicate

Once Upon A Time said...

I should break out the stickers...

Hey- the last two times I've tried to link up, but it isn't listed as it was before by the linky. I like to read other people's links, can you fix it so it lists them again? Thanks!