Friday, December 2, 2011

The one where I talk about llamas and dragons

So, my blogging mojo seems to have plummeted along with the temperatures this week.

Instead of giving you a bunch of congruent thoughts tied together, I'll give you some random stuff from the past week and a half.

*It may or may not be a sign from God that you should just turn around and go home when your kid yacks all over herself and the carseat 10 minutes into a six hour car ride.

*We chose keep driving.

*The smell of yack on the carseat doesn't go away very easily.

*Since we spent Thanksgiving in Milwaukee, we brought our girls' snow suits, hats and mittens along in preparation for the cold temperatures.

*It was at least 50 degrees every day we were there.

*This mama's heart was so blessed that the girls' Masa and Masi baby-proofed the house before our arrival (1064).

*Eye infections in toddlers really suck (and keep coming back).

*Antibiotic drops really do work (1065). 

*I'd rather hug a porcupine than put drops in the girls' eyes. 

*Someone needs to invent a way to make that process easier. There's lots of money to be made there.

*The girls learned two really important signs from their Masi and Masa. 1) dragon 2) llama (1066)

*You just never know when you might run into a dragon or a llama. It's good to prepare your kids for this.

*Watching the girls play "doctor" with their new doctor kit is awesome! (1067)

*Did you know that 25% of toddlers know how to operate smart phones? I have no idea what they're talking about.

*Having someone else read the same books over and over and over (andoverandoverandoverandover) to the girls is good. (1068)

*You never realize just how long Dr. Seuss books are until you have to read the 50+ pages at least 12 times a day. (1069)

holy experience


Melissa Ann said...

Good to 'hear' your voice again! I was about to call and see if you guys were okay. Man, I need to call you anyhow; I miss you friend. Here's to more 6+ hours of sleep from Sedryn so nap time wakes up for mommy! Not enough hours in the day... And I NEED 6 hours in the car driving tips. One day soon we're going to GO somewhere... anywhere ;)

B. said...

I am so SICK of reading Hop on Pop. It doesn't make any sense....I think I need to "lose" it somewhere.

And the eye drops sound like a nightmare. There is no way my guys would sit still for that. I can barely brush their teeth.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOL and thanks for the reminder - I need to be grateful we haven't had any eye infections - I shudder at anything to do with my OWN eyes, let alone the kids :)

Also, why do I have no Dr Seuss books??? :)

reanbean said...

So, I'm curious... You took the snowsuits, but it was 50 degrees out. You didn't put them in the snowsuits, did you? That's practically summer temps up in these parts! :op

Vomit in car seats is the worst, worst worst! Were you able to clean it up or did you decided to just start over with a new one? Fortunately, we've not had to retire a car seat yet, but I have friends who have, and we came pretty close one time.

Have a great weekend!

. said...

Oh poor baby. I couldn't imagine the trip with a smell that potent. Yuck! You're a strong woman.

I agree with the eye drop thing, but gear it more towards saline spray and snot. Yeah...there should be a new and improved method to ease the pain of the whole ordeal. I like this post. :)

Lauren said...

Noah LOVES books, but there are very few "story" type books that Noah will sit all the way through. But Dr. Seuss' Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You??? He LOVES that book. Along with Brown Bear. He asks for them by name.

And where did you get your doctor kit? Noah has two, but they both look so different from yours.

Branson said...

My little man was able to unlock my touch screen droid starting at about 16 months... at first I would just watch him because I thought it was hilarious! Then that wore off, haha. And yes... I am pretty sure Hop on Pop is one of the longes books ever, haha.

Corinne Ritz said...

That was just a great post! A lot of great little thought, maybe small, but very enjoyable for me to read. Also, it was great to see Amanda having so much fun with the girls.