Thursday, August 30, 2012

Two reasons why my husband rocks!

Our five year anniversary is coming up next month. My husband---he's on top of things this year! He's already celebrating, which gives me the perfect opportunity to tell him (and you) that:

focus on the good in your husband

I could go in a million directions with this. I could tell you about what an amazing papa he is to the girls, or about how well he provides for our family. I could tell you about how he jumps in washing dishes, doing laundry and other household chores, or how he wakes up with the girls on the weekend, and gives me a few extra minutes of sleep. Because he is and does all of those things.

But today, today I want to tell you about how he pays attention.

I, offhandedly, make comments about things, and he tucks them away surprising me when I least expect it.

Case in point #1:

Isn't that a glorious sight?!

Okay, maybe not to you, but it is to me. I open the fridge, and I hear a choir of angels singing. 

For months I've talked about wanting to get rid of all my old, tired, stained, ugly, chemical-laden plastic storage containers, and replace them with all glass ones. 

My sweet husband remembered. And got me a great set for an early anniversary gift. 

I was jumping up and down squealing with glee while simultaneously hugging him and laughing at how "old" this makes me to get so excited about storage-ware. 

Case in point #2:

Since we have a contract on a house built in 1860, I thought it would only be fitting to convert our drinking glasses to Mason Jars. They just make me happy. I mean, just look:
art by Beth Meadows 

So, again, my sweet husband remembered. Just look what arrived in the mail yesterday:

Why yes, I am drinking my OJ out of a Mason jar wine glass this morning. Could you just die?!

Thank you, husband for loving me with glassware, and for knowing me so well, that you knew I'd delight in these things.

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Lori McClure said...

Okay, your husband is awesome :) I am having so much fun reading about all this husband awesomeness. It's nice to read good things, and it's nice to meet you!

Miss Megan said...

Your husband is totally awesome!!! I love when they remember the little things like that and surprise you later! That is THE BEST!!! And those mason jar wine classes - stellar!!! =)

Olusola said...

Good job Papa Two Twin Girls and happy anniversary to you both

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That is awesome! The bestest kind of gifts for me are not necessarily (and not usually) the most expensive, but the ones that show you *know* me. :)

I love those storage containers, too. I bought one, for when I send something with Hubby that needs to be warmed at work. I should invest in more...I think I'd be squealing, too. ;)

cat said...

Oh he is sweet and he rocks!