Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Five Things

Just a quick five things for your Wednesday morning.

1. I just want to tell you (again) how much I love our Lil Rinser

Lil Rinser, Your Shampooing Solution-lil rinser, little rinser, shampoo, bath time

Once Hadley could sit up well she would fight us if we would try to tip her back to rinse out her hair. So--we would try to put a washcloth or our hands over her eyes, but she would still fight us. Almost every bath ended in tears for her. Now--that's all changed.

No water gets in her eyes. She doesn't fight us when it comes time to rinse her hair. Baths don't end in tears.

Wonderful product. Worth. Every. Penny.

2. Just in case you were beginning to think that I am the best mama in the whole world. Brynne has a shiner.

Yup, face planted on a toy. Mere inches from my arms, and I didn't catch her. Boo.

3. Hadley's hair is starting to resemble Justin Bieber's hair.

Justin Bieber

And, yes, I am slightly embarrassed that I just Googled Justin Bieber pictures. Can you go to jail for that?

4. So, we just got some Baltic amber necklaces for the girls. Brad calls them the girls' "amber waves of grain". I'm not really sure why, but it makes me laugh. Anyway, I told the people over on my facebook page that I would keep them posted the effectiveness of the necklaces on the girls' teething pain. I would have to say that the verdict is still out. I will tell you this though--we've used less Motrin and fewer teething tablets since the girls started wearing them on Saturday. All of this has been in the midst of Hadley popping another tooth on Monday, and Brynne's being gums super swollen, because she's cutting her one year molars.

So---take that for what it's worth. I want to give it a bit more time before I officially proclaim them to be the magic cure. Even if they don't work--they are pretty cute, right?!

5. And finally, a friend emailed this to me today. I wanted to share the love.



Once Upon A Time said...

Oooh oooh oooh! I finally got some amber teething necklaces today after contemplating for months. They were on babysteals today! I'm excited to get them and try them out! Keep up updated on them!

Articia said...

Your babies are just beautiful!

Esperanza said...

What a great post! I found a product that I need (and am definitely going to buy)! I laughed (the Justin Bieber comparison was hilarious) and generally felt happy! Thanks!

I look forward to following your blog!

Happy ICLW! (#67)

Kristin said...

Hope the teething pains ease up.

Your little one is way cuter than Beiber.

LOVE the Lil Rinser.

ICLW #19

Anonymous said...

The hair washing thing is so cool--I would loved that when I was a kid!

Twinside Out said...

I am so excited to hear how the amber necklaces work for you! My sister used them for her little one, and I've been thinking about ordering too. Please let us know how it goes!

Cracking up about the Justin Bieber husband has been making a lot of Bieber remarks lately. I am worried that he may have secretly succumbed to Bieber fever. (I am hoping that it just stems from a celebrity basketball game he was watching.)

Articia said...

Your babies are just beautiful! said...

The hair washing thing is so cool--I would loved that when I was a kid!