Monday, February 28, 2011

Coiffure Thankfulness

413. Eucharisteo to hang on my kitchen cabinets.

414. Clementine juice running down little arms.

415. Getting the girls down to bed by myself.

416. Having all the ingredients to make lactation cookies.

417. Rain instead of snow.

418. Hadley officially walking.

419. Brynne only getting a black eye when she fell on a sharp toy.

420. Setting up a playdate with Alice.

421. Hearing thanksgiving from people on facebook.

422. New quotes to add to my collection.

423. Duck Tape.

424. Getting dressed in real clothes every day this week.

425. Putting makeup on every day this week.

426. Workouts that make my body feel "the good ache".

427. Snow clinging to tree branches.

428. Safe drive to the ER.

429. Determining that Hadley's finger was not broken in the ER parking lot.

430. Driving away from the ER without having to go inside.

431. Girls wearing their shoes around the house with no tears.

432. Caymus.

433. Conversation over dinner.

434. My husband's 34 years.

435. The girls having a good day with their papa while I was away.

436. Meeting another child just home from Ethiopia.

437. The opportunity to still work in adoption.

438. Being able to give over a foot of hair to Locks of Love.

439. My new do.

440. Using less shampoo to wash my hair.

441. Having a lighter head.

442. Date night!

443. Brynne snuggles at 5:45 A.M.

444. Brynne going back down to sleep for another hour.

445. Brynne handling teething with grace and patience.

446. Brynne getting braver with taking  more steps unassisted.

447. Blood oranges!

448. Sunday afternoon at the park.

449. Hadley, bravely, and after much distraction and deliberation, choosing to go down the slide all by herself.

450. Brynne's swinging joy.

451. Hadley pointing out the ducks taking off into flight.

452. Brynne snuggling with her papa.

453. Brynne's curiosity.

454. A husband who cuts out ugly bushes in the front of our house.

455. Empty spaces to plant--a canvas begging to be painted!

456. Walking around outside with the girls before bed.

457. Candlelit dinner with Brad.

458. Tender ribs just off the grill.

459. Thunderstorms.

460. The smell of warm spring rain.

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Jodi said...

Those happy girl smiles in the swing made me smile. :)

Twinside Out said...

Love the hair! And *so* glad that Hadley's finger was not broken!!

my3littlebirds said...

Beautiful haircut...beautiful babies!

Liz said...

I love to read your thankfulness lists! Reminds me to be more thankful, too.

Twinside Out said...

Love the hair! And *so* glad that Hadley's finger was not broken!!

albina N muro said...

Merci pour votre article comment savoir si mes cheveux sont abim├ęs ?