Thursday, February 17, 2011

I've Got a Feva...

...and the only prescription is more cowbell. 


I make way too many SNL references.
I really do have a feva--Spring feva, that is. Although--you can never go wrong with a little cowbell....

I took my girls out walking yesterday. We got stuck in the snow more than once. Good thing they think it's funny that I tip the stroller violently to get unstuck.

I am just sick with it. It was almost 70 degrees here for the last two days!
Things in my garden are starting to grow, and that makes me exceedingly happy. I know, I know---those fragile little green sprouts are just daring the frost to get them. BUT seeing the green against the bones from last year's growth makes me happy anyway.
I mean, come on---doesn't that make you smile?! Just a little bit?!
I know, that rodent that came out and saw his shadow said six more weeks of winter, not two---I get it. But this weather---what a tease! 

 So, whatever, Phil--I don't care what you say, I have my windows open, and I'm dreaming of my garden. 

So--since I've got the feva, I thought I'd cough on you guys, just in case you don't already have it too.

I love perennials. I have a huge garden full of perennials. I can't be bothered with replanting flowers every year. Most of these thrive best in full sun. I thought I would share some of my favorites.
  1. Agastache (pronounced a-guh-stack-ee) "Golden Jubilee". Both the leaves and the flower have a divine minty smell--making it a wonderful cut flower. It blooms almost all summer long.

2. Daylilies. I love them. They are easy to grow and come in almost any color imaginable.

3. Hybiscus. They emmerge from the ground late--sometimes not until May, but once they start blooming? They won't quit until frost. Gorgeous! Hummingbirds love them, and they smell heavenly! These blooms are about 10 inches across!

4. Echinacea, commonly called Cone Flower. These are pink, but they come in lots of colors. They are tough flowers, drought tolerant. Easy to grow.

5. Shasta Daisies. These are so super easy to grow. If you know someone that has some, they will probably share some with you---they spread and fill in quickly. 


7. Chives. Yes, they smell like onion, but they are great to cook with, and aren't they pretty?! Cut them back after they bloom, and they keep on blooming from spring till frost.

8. Evergreen Candytuft. This is one of the first things to bloom in my garden, which makes my heart sing! The white flowers emerge in March/April, and stay for over a month. It's drought tolerant, and stays green all the time, hence the name. The green in the garden of brown makes me smile all winter.

So--do you feel that feva setting in? 

Flowers are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul.
~Luther Burbank


Melissa Ann said...

I kill chives. Seriously. I've started them from seed several times but one week after I get them into the ground, they're dead. What is the secret?!

Jodi said...

Yeah, I feel the feva...

Twinside Out said...

MORE COWBELL! Love it. That is one of my husband's all time favorite sketches.

Jodi said...

Yeah, I feel the feva...

Jodi said...

Yeah, I feel the feva...