Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mama Loves: Sign, Signs, Everywhere the Signs

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So, I was going to do this really cute thing with the girls and the drawing for the nail polish, but the girls' 18 month check-up happened, and, just for fun, this happened while we were there:

Not pretty. Neither was our evening.

So...there is no cute drawing. Just good ole

And the winner is (enter a Griswold drum roll here):

#4 = Mandy from My Life as Described by Twin Trials and Triumphs.

Yay! Congrats! A bottle of Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous will be on its way to you shortly!

P.S. Brynne is a-okay! She just has a shiner. The benefit of face-planting into a metal chair at the pediatrician's office, is that you get a thorough check-up, and your daughter gets an icepack that is shaped like a penguin.

A win/win situation, I say.

On with my Mama Loves for this week!


At six months, I began diligently using sign language with the girls. Simple things like "more" and "milk".

By eight months, I was pretty sure our girls were sign language failures. At nine months, I was sure of it.

Around 10 months, I regained hope! They clapped for "more". Hallelujah!

Maybe I was too hasty to call them failures.

At 13 months the girls began picking up tons of sign language. It was awesome! I could do a sign once or twice, and they would have it!

This website, Signing Savvy is awesome! You type in a word or phrase you want to know how to sign, and there's a video of a guy showing you the sign! Sometimes diagrams are unclear to me--video is, for sure, the way to go!

I consult Signing Savvy just about every day. I'm constantly coming across words or phrases that I think would be helpful for the girls to learn.

Since our girls aren't very verbal, I love that they have a way to communicate things to us through sign language--cuts down on frustration for the girls, and for Mama too! More than that, it's just fun!

Check it out! I hope you find it helpful too!

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

WOO HOO!!! Thank you so very much, Julia!!! That certainly brought an extra smile to my face this morning! :) :)

And you know I'm a huge proponent of baby sign language. Our girls followed what sounds like a similar path...the first sign around 9 months, and then they really took off between 12 and 14 months.

At 31 months, they still use a few signs when they get really passionate about something...usually "dog" and "please". :) And if I'm trying to distract them or entertain them for a few minutes, I can still go through, "Do you remember how to show 'squirrel'?" And it's still a lot of good fun. :)

So glad Brynne is OK from her fall!!! And - if it had to happen - isn't it good that the fall happened at the ped's office? ;) At least you got some pretty solid and immediate feedback that she was OK! Still, I'm sure it hurt your heart to look at her little boo-boo. Hope it's soon a distant memory for you all.

Affton said...

Thank you, thank you for blogging about this website. We just started using sign language with Austin after his 18 month check up, when we discovered he has a bit of a speech delay. He is making slow progress, mostly my fault for not being consistent. This website will help keep me on task. I also downloaded their app for my new smart phone. Austin will be communicating in signs in no time!

Twinside Out said...

This makes me feel better! My kids aren't very verbal either. They used to make the milk sign - but I think I've mentioned before that I didn't teach it to them correctly, they would do it, it resembled an obscene gesture. So I tried to reteach it, but they've stopped doing it all together. I thought I'd ruined their sign language capabilities. But maybe we are just on the cusp of new signing skills? I'm excited to check out this website! Thanks for sharing!!

And oh...poor Brynne. Poor Mama. But definitely good that it happened at the ped's. Hope she is feeling better, and that you are all enjoying a spectacular day! :)

Sara said...

Oh no....that looks like it must have hurt poor Brynne!

Andrea said...

Yay for Mandy!!

Visiting from M&M. Thanks so much for your sweet comment!

Poor Brynne! So glad she is fine! I think those falls always hurt us more!

Hope you don't mind me following along. I love finding new blogs to read! :)

Have a great Sunday! Take Care, Andrea

championm2000 said...

Love signing, too, so I will definitely check out this site. I was so proud of Drew when he signed "milk" on his own Friday. I texted our nanny to brag on him! She was so proud, too.

Jessica said...

Love this new series you have started! Thanks for sharing.

reanbean said...

That website sounds awesome. I wish I'd known about it when I was signing with my kids. I think I started signing with them when they were around 10 month old. Tiny picked up a ton of signs, but Buba never really did, which was sad because of the two, he was the one with a speech delay. Once he got into EI, I found out that he wasn't picking up the signs because he also had some fine motor delays. Although he never really did much signing, he understood the signs I was using, which was better than nothing.

We haven't added new sings in a long time, now that both kids are quite verbal. But we still use some of the basics. Sometimes signing and saying are so automatic that I don't even realize I'm doing it. :o)