Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why Do You Blog? {GIVEAWAY}

My answer to this question is: for connection.
It didn't start out that way. I need some sort of creative outlet during those long hours of nursing the girls, so I turned to blogging.

I had no idea what an awesome community of mama bloggers there were out there!

I have found support, advice and friendship through blogging. I've learned about about great toys, books and gear, and have happily tried different activities and strategies that other mamas have shared. It's been an incredible blessing to me, and as I've said before, blogging has made me a better mama!

So, if you're doing to do something, you might as well look good doing it!

Have you seen my blog recently? Doesn't it look amazing?!

One of the sweet twin mamas I've met through blogging is Liz. Liz has started a blog design business Sweet Simplicity Designs.

Sweet Simplicity Designs

I was fortunate to have won a blog makeover from Liz. I am totally thrilled with the way it looks. It communicates who I am and what I love! Liz is so incredibly talented. You can check out more of her designs over here.

As part of the prize, I have the privilege of being able to giveaway a blog makeover to one lucky blogger!

Here's what you need to know:
  • Contest is open to family friendly blogs only.
  • Winner is entitled to a Simple Blog Makeover by the fabulous and talented Liz.
  • You are not eligible for this contest if you've have previously won a makeover from Sweet Simplicity Designs.
  • Contest ends August 16th.
  • Winner will be placed on Sweet Simplicity Design's client waiting list, and will have design work start in that order. The current wait list is about four weeks.  
To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me why you blog along with an email address, so that I  know how to get in touch with you. Easy.


Sara said...

Oooo yes, I do love the look of your new blog, Julia! I would adore having something custom (and a few more tech skillz), even though I don't have near the readership as you do! ;) So with no further, ado...

I blog to not forget our special memories and keep my extended family up-to-date. I understand I am no pro, but I love to write and, as you mentioned, blogging is the perfect outlet for my creative side. My intention is to somehow encourage a few people along the way and provide a few laughs while capturing sweet moments that I might otherwise forget in a few (or more!) years. Blogging has honestly allowed me see the beauty in the seemingly mundane things of daily life (cheesy, but true!) and I am constantly developing ideas in my head as to what the next entry will be (if only there was more time in the day...oy). I know someday I will deeply appreciate looking back at what was going on in our lives and what was important to me during this time. I was inspired, of course, by you and a few other good friends and am so thankful to have finally taken the plunge (I had been thinking about it for months and months!). My email again is sara.swick@gmail.com and I would love to be the recipient of a beautiful blog make-over, though I am sure there are many out there who have been at this a whole lot longer and will make a much better case! So here goes nothing and thanks for the chance! (Whew...my apologizes..that was a book!)

Melissa Ann said...

I started blogging as a creative scrapbook: mainly to keep tabs on things I was doing. But also because a friend of mine has been challenging me for almost the past decade to "Celebrate". So mainly it's just to celebrate the mundane, the little things that pass so quickly that I would otherwise be ungrateful for.

What fun that you get to host a giveaway too. As I've said: I love how much this design expresses who you are :)

Once Upon A Time said...

Oooh, I am itching for a blog makeover. :) I blog for the shared experience of "Me too" and so I don't feel so alone in my life experiences. What started as a infertility blog turned twin momma blog, it really has the same main focus: that me too-ness. I didn't know anyone IRL who went through IF like me, and I don't have any twin momma friends IRL either. Now, I also have the side focus of documenting Sam and Anna's life at the level I know I wouldn't if I could not blog. I will cherish the details of their early days for the rest of my life and I am so glad that I have them!

Allison Bodine said...

I started my blog to keep my family and friends informed about my twin pregnancy. It has been great that my extended family can keep up to date without having to send out tons of emails! I look forward to my twin's birth so that I can keep an online baby book of their milestones!


Wendy said...

I love your new design, too and would love one for myself. My blog is horribly boring!!

I blog (even though I haven't been as bloggy lately!) as a journal of type for Ben and Emma. Plus, my Mom loves to read the stories I forget to tell her. I love to sit down and think of everything I never want to forget about my children and their lives. It is also a little "time out" for me.

I never thought I would be a blogger but I love it!

Twinside Out said...

Your blog does look amazing! I love it!!

I started blogging because I didn't have anyone "in real life" to talk to about our infertility struggles. It was a release valve. Then, I found an incredible online community of people who were in similar situations. Blogging became a way for me to find support and in turn to encourage others.

I still blog for community and, as you wrote, connection - and have been so blessed to find such wonderful friends through it! :)

championm2000 said...

Great topic!

Initially, I started to blog as a way to record memories, to record the experience of being a new mom, a mom to twins. It was better than a baby book because at least I was pretty diligent about updating it.

Then, I decided to share it with friends on Facebook as a way to share our story. I was amazed when people actually started reading it. Having a real audience pushed me to write more, and I loved having people say that related to something I posted.

Then I started reaching out to blog world, finding more blogs to read, making friends with other moms I would never have met otherwise. Since then, blogging has become more than just our story, more than the sharing with family and friends. It is now a way for me to be a part of a larger community of moms where I learn, grow, and share.

PS-Love your new design!

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Love the new design!

I started blogging because we live far from our families and I wanted a place for them to check in and read about our shenanigans. Now, it is a way to connect with other moms as well as remember all the things that I can't keep in my head!

Corinne Ritz said...

I gotta say, I LOVE your new blog. I've been SO busy, so it's been awhile since I've been on here. I have a lot of catching up to do in all areas of my life! I was oohing and ahing when I logged on!

I would love a blog makeover. I would love to have more readers too. I think a blog makeover might help me. I have only been doing this for a year, and I am still trying to figure out the whole design part of it.

I started blogging to keep my family updated, and to create a record for my children. After I started I found out that the connections I made were awesome as well. I have especially LOVED reconnecting old friends and family I haven't seen in a while. It is a very new and healthy adiction for me:)

Bailey said...

hey Julia, love the blog. i always hate trying to figure out how to work my blog and make it cute. so this would be wonderful for me!

i started blogging because i was leaving home and my family wanted a way to make sure a stay connected with me. then, when i got married- i thought: "hmmm there are so many things my husband and i can write about". its awesome sharing how i'm learning to be married. i also love blogging now, because when i was little- i used to keep a journal, and i feel like this is a journal of sorts, and like corinne said- i want my children to remember this time in my life as well as i do.

Bailey Hogan