Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mama Loves: Grace


I feel compelled to ask forgiveness.

When I tell you of our "green-ness" I feel it may communicate that I draw some sort of line to say "I'm better than you, because I do all these 'green' things".

That is absolutely not my intent. Please forgive, if it came across that way?

I've said this before, we all have to figure out what works for us . As mamas, as humans--we do whatever works, right?

No judgements. Period.

If you don't believe me, just ask me about our gigantic SUV gas-guzzler, or my husband's nightly dumpster diving, because, in my haste, I don't always do the best job of recycling.

If I've offended you, please forgive me? Drawing lines in the sand is not loving. That is not what I meant with my post.

Love wins! Always.


championm2000 said...

No need to apologize here! I am always happy to read a new idea (even if it's one I can't fully implement). The great thing about your suggestion was that it was super-easy and something our family can definitely do.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Oh, Julia! I haven't read the comments to your prior post (?)...but I certainly didn't feel offended when I read it originally! It just hurts my heart when we feel we need to apologize for what are not impure intentions.

I worry sometimes that I only paint the "rosy" side of things on my blog. Certainly my girls are not always angels...I'm not always full of grace...and Heaven knows I've contributed to a lot of landfill with our disposable diapers. I just choose to focus on the half full, ya know?

We're all doing the best we can, loving our babes, and navigating this crazy world. I just wish we could all support each other in that much bigger picture.

Chin up, My Friend! :) :)