Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh. My. Goodness.


Tuesday, the girls and I met some other mama friends for a special story time at our local cupcake bar.

As the weather has gotten cooler, we've tried to find fun activities to do indoors, and this event was something we've been looking forward to for quite some time!

The book they were reading was Purplelicious. I should have previewed this book ahead of time. It was terrible! The main character of the book got bullied the entire way through the book. Her "friends" said mean and nasty things to her.

For goodness sakes! Children figure out how to bully on their own. Do we need to show them how to do it, and introduce them to ugly language like that--in a children's book no less?!

I digress. Let's just say I could only find three positive things to say about this book:
  1. There is a school bus in the book.
  2. There was a pink sheep in the book. Hadley spotted it right away during the reading, pointed and said "Baaaaa," in a very loud voice. We do love our farm animals around here!
  3. We learned that pink + blue = purple.
All of these points were running through my head as the story finished up, and we moved on to snack.

Now, I'll say this: I knew that having story time at a cupcake bar would probably mean a sweet treat.

I was prepared for a small sliver of cupcake. (And I know I'm not crazy for thinking this, because my friend brought along an egg-free cookie, so that her son, who has an egg allergy, wouldn't feel left out). In fact, I was sorta hoping against hope that just maybe the "small sliver of cupcake" would be the pineapple upside down cupcake, so at least there would be some fruit involved.

So, you can imagine the look of horror that came over my face when they walked out with this:

Yes, that's right. Cups of purple buttercream frosting. With sprinkles.

Just. Frosting. (with sprinkles)

No cupcake. Oh, and a spoon, so that our toddlers could get every last bit of frosting. With sprinkles.

I didn't really know what to do. So, I gave each of the girls a taste. Then I tasted it. HOLY SUGAR!

I wasn't sure if my turning stomach was guilt that I'd just given the girls pure sugar, or if it was the jolt of consuming something so atrociously sweet before noon.

Still not sure.

As we left the cupcake bar--dazed and shell-shocked by the events that had just transpired, my friend says:
What just happened in there? I gave my son spoon fulls of frosting. At 10AM.
I don't know about her, but I'm totally expecting my Mother of the Year Award to arrive any day now.

Now that I've had a few days to reflect there are a few things I'm certain about:
  1. The organizer of this event (God, love her or him) does not have children.
  2. Purple buttercream frosting + sprinkles = terrible naps.
  3. Next time I'm bringing grapes.


MellyB said...

Girlie, you ain't kidding, someone in charge did not have children.


They hate the fact that they got suckered into doing story time in their store and found a very cruel way to pull off revenge on unsuspecting parents.


The person is just an idiot.

At least there was the pink sheep.

Sara said...

haha...right there with ya, friend :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I read about those frosting "shots" (I think they were called) in a magazine...a way to enjoy the "cupcake experience" without all the calories of a cupcake. Ick! for me...and especially as I think about the girls!!! :)

Our girls are somehow obsessed with cupcakes. They've had them a few times at birthday parties, and I guess that's what they equate with celebrations. I was trying to motivate Baby B in her latest endeavor, and I told her we would have a a restaurant!!!...when she did her stuff.

Fortunately our girls call muffins "cupcakes" many times, so I figured I could always get away with that...not *quite* as bad.

[When B did her thing, though, she actually asked for ice cream at the Dairy Queen. I'm not sure I love that my girls can name the DQ by name...but it was an easy-enough reward to accommodate. And at least there's dairy? Maybe???] ;)

Lauren said...

That is a nightmare.

Once Upon A Time said...

Hmmm- that is SO not a toddler book. I happen to have the book in my classroom because 5-6 year old girls love the pinkalicous series. But 1-2 year olds? Come on now!