Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Broken Record

Please forgive? I'm a bit like a broken record.

The girls are still sick. We're on week three of coughing and crying throughout the night. The girls' cough is a terrible wrenching sound that hurts my heart. The cough has sort of ebbed and flowed. Right now it's definintely flowing.

The days are tiring and the nights provide no relief.

Still, I'm so thankful:

1019. New words, new signs and new animal noises.

1020. Warm, beautiful, vibrant fall days.

1021. All the many blessings in the middle of the stroller incident. 

1022. Taking a few moments to play in the leaves.

1023. Hadley bringing me her tea cup for a "tea party" to drink hot honey and lemon water.

1024. Brynne joining in on the fun.

1025. Success in sewing part of the girls' Halloween costume.

1026. The cutest little garden gnomes you ever did see.

1027. Semi-annual haircut.

1028. An organized box of crayons.

holy experience


Mary Cavalier said...

It is so heart wrenching to hear your child coughing during the night. Sometimes it is more sleep disturbing for the parent than the child. Our pediatrician gave them a stronger cough syrup one time just so Mom could get some sleep :-) And a large enough bottle so Mom could use it when she caught the cold (which she always did).
Love the gnomes! and all your simple joys.

Melissa Ann said...

The PIGTAILS! Oh, my goodness! Can I just eat them?
Praying things keep getting better and that your heart remains sensitive to what He's teaching you now.

championm2000 said...

Oh, I hope the girls kick the colds soon!

I love the picture of the tree. Beautiful.

Our two also have that tea set...brings them so much joy!

reanbean said...

So sorry to hear that your babies aren't feeling well. It can be so heartbreaking to see little ones not feeling well, and so exhausting taking care of them. Hopefully you're finding ways to rest.

Lots to be thankful for though (I keep telling myself this as we're now on day 3 of no power and no heat). That photo of the fall tree is gorgeous and you certainly do have the cutest little garden gnomes ever!

I hope everyone is well again soon!