Sunday, October 30, 2011


What do you see here?

Some might just see a box of crayons. 64 colors nestled in a box, ready to spread some love to a piece of plain while paper.

I'll tell you what I see.

I see chaos.

Sea green doesn't belong next to orchid!
Red orange has no business touching granny smith apple!

Simply, my girls just don't share their mama's appreciation for a color coordinated box of crayons.

It is, admittedly, a strange little quirk I have. 

Most days the girls have have toys and books strewn all over the floor, and I don't bat an eye. In fact, it makes me happy. Our home looks lived in. The toys, are well played with and the pages of those books are
spurning learning and imagination.

And, of course, there are excellent lessons to be learned about picking up the mess when playtime is over.

But, for whatever reason--when we color with crayons it takes every ounce of restraint in me to not obsess if crayons don't go back in the "right" place in the box, or *gasp* they go in upside-down.

So--as soon as I have a moment, I find myself organizing our crayon box to get ready for the next time we decided to color. 

When aquamarine cozies up to turquoise blue and bittersweet is reunited with burnt orange, I sigh a happy sigh.

I know the girls certainly don't care about a color coordinated box of crayons. I also know that will quickly become undone, the second we begin coloring again. But--getting out a box of perfectly color coordinated crayons is makes me strangely happy. A shred of order to the chaos. Or something.

Weird, huh?

What about you? Do you have any quirky organization things? Help me feel normal.


Heather said...

As a child, I would place a dot in the lid of the box to show where the color should go according to Crayola! I could not stand to have the colors in any other order.

Lauren said...

You are hilarious. I am like that until things start getting wrecked. Then I have to force myself to stop caring out of self-preservation, so I don't act like a crazy person and spaz when things aren't properly organized.

Because I'm the Mommy said...

You would hate that we break our crayons and throw all of the pieces into an old lunchbox, huh?