Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mama Loves: Shades of Gray

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Manic Mother

Sometimes being a mama is just hard work! We'd all love to find "that thing" that makes life just a wee bit easier. Here are a few great solutions from our mamas you should check out!
So, I've been waiting to share my Mama Loves for this week until I could give you iron-clad proof that it "works".

Sometimes things "work" in shades of gray.

Isn't that what parenting is sometimes?  

Shades of gray?

She's potty trained, but she has accidents occasionally.
He eats all table food, except green beans--it's a texture thing. He only eats the pureed green beans out of a jar.

She's walking. Two or three steps at a time.

I mentioned awhile back that our girls have been beating each other up, gladiator-style, pretty much every day.


It has been so ugly. Especially the biting. The girls have bite marks and bruises from old bite marks, in different stages of healing, all over their arms, backs, and Hadley even has a bite mark on her foot.

One particularly hard day, I went to work searching for the solution.

Mamas, I don't think there's a magic solution out there. I realized, nothing, nothing is a cure-all. Much of it depends on me too. I can't just throw a book or parenting technique at my girls and expect it to magically work.


I've found something that has helped (?), or at least given us some language to talk about what's going on.

Free Spirit Publishing has a line of children's board books called the Best Behavior Series.

We own Teeth Are Not for Biting and Hands Are Not for Hitting.

The rest of the series includes:
I really like that these books have simple language and illustations that are easy for the girls to understand, yet the message is loud and clear.

(Don't you love the Cozy Coupe parked off to the side?)

I also like that the books give alternatives the behavior, and explain the correct activities that hands and teeth should be used for.

My girls are still biting and hitting. That hasn't stopped.


When I say, Teeth are not for biting, sometimes they run and grab the book. So, that's something. At least they know it's not okay.

We're working on it, mamas, we're working on it.

Shades of gray.

Can't wait to see what you're loving this week!

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Thanks for the recommendation...I may have to check a couple of these out. I might suggest they add "Hair is Not for Pulling". [That's the common response to a bite at our house...sigh...] ;)

Once Upon A Time said...

I've seen the books before, but I will definitely have to keep them in mind for my two! Thanks for the reminder!

Wendy said...

We also have "Hands Are Not For Hitting" but really need the biting one, too! I also love these books and would like to get the whole set because I am sure between the 2 of them, Ben and Emma will each show signs of each naughty behavior!

Linked up today to share our love for music. It's nothing new or unique but it is something that makes our lives easier and more enjoyable!

Sara said...

Linked-up! Now I need to read all the other good suggestions :)