Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Barnyard Fun

Friends of ours have an annual barbecue in late October. The timing of it is a gamble around here; it could be 30 degrees or 80 degrees. Two years in a row we've enjoyed warm temperatures, which means we've been able to bring the girls out to enjoy the festivities!

One of the activities they have for kids is to walk up the road to see some animals.

We took the girls last year, and they seemed mildly interested in the animals.

This year I was so excited to take them, because we knew how much they'd love seeing the animals!

What a joy it was to see their enthusiasm this year!

I have so enjoyed comparing pictures from last year to this year!

Mama and Hadley checkin out the buffalo

Mama and Hadley looking at the donkey

Brad and Brynne staring down Fonzie the alpaca.

Brad and Brynne crowing like roosters.

Family photo

Sadly, Fonzie the alpaca went to the great meadow in the sky, so we had to settle for a picture in front of a nameless horse.

Walking back to our car.

This year the girls could walk!

Thank you to Cheryl for hosting Way Back When-esday, which reminds me to reflect on where we've been, to take joy in where we are now, and to appreciate the journey.
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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

You probably know I'm a sucker for then-and-now's just amazing to be reminded what a difference a year makes!

And I'll bet your girls will be even more excited next year! (And that will be here before we know it, right?!)

championm2000 said...

Don't you love how they can walk and hold your hand now?!

Sorry I didn't link up yet. I had an idea, but Emily decided to bump her head--again!