Monday, October 10, 2011

Abundant Sunshine

We had such a fantastic week! My sister came on Wednesday to spend her precious vacation time here with me and the girls.

Having her here blessed my heart, and the girls absolutely adore their Masi, which delights and thrills me.

My sister is a surgical resident. She works insane hours on not nearly enough sleep. And she does really, really hard things.

She sees people die and she saves lives.

Can you imagine?!

Then, when she has breaks she goes home to a husband and a dog. In addition to all that--she still takes time to encourage me, to be my friend, to love me and my family well--intentionally.

Doesn't all of that sound exhausting?

She gets two weeks of vacation a year, which she has to take one week at a time. Two weeks---that's it.

So, you see how blessed and honored and privileged we are that she chose to spend it here loving on Brynne and Hadley (and me too). And how cherished I feel that she made the six hour drive down.

So many blessings this week!

969. Abundant sunshine.

970. The girls picking ripe tomatoes and putting them in their buckets.

971. Petting the goats at the zoo.

972. Hadley reading with her Masi and petting Noodle.

973. Pastries and coffee from Artisan Bakery--such a treat!

974. Pumpkin picking fun!

975. Brynne pulling the wagon.

976. Then riding in the wagon for a little break.

977. Then gingerly stepping over the pumpkin vines with her Masa.

978. Hadley being only interested in choosing great big pumkins.

979. Grandpa helping Hadley pick up her great big pumpkins.

980. Delight in finally finding a pumpkin more her size.

981. Whew! Resting in the wagon after all that hard work!

982. Discovering that riding in the wagon with Papa is way more fun!

983. Pulling the wagon with her Masa.

984. Brynne running down the dusty path with her grandpa.

985. Trip to the fire station.

986. Heading home with our spoils.

987. Sunday afternoon at the park.

holy experience


ells said...

hi neighbor...great pics...your kids are adorable and how I remember those pumpkin day...drink it all in...

Jace said...

Awwww...thank you for sharing the blessing of your wonderful weekend with family. I'm a twin mom, too, and it looks like ours might be roughly the same age. I can't imagine there's anything like it!

Nacole said...

hi Julia,

over from Ann's.

your list was wonderful--beautiful fall day, angelic little girls, cherished time with family. cute, cute pictures of the twins and their pumpkins. thanks for sharing.

blessings in His grace,