Monday, October 24, 2011

Feeling Favor

We've had another week of sickness around here. Cancelled playdates. Cabin fever. And the weather to match all the dreariness.

This weekend was glorious though. Sunny and warm. And, finally, the girls are well enough to frolic in it.

Do you ever feel God's favor? Like really feel it?

God's favor feels like getting into a car that's been in the sun--the warmth wrap its arms around you, and embraces you tight.

That's how this weekend felt. I felt God's favor. His pleasure.

Thank you, Jesus.

Counting my gifts this week.

1009. Roses blooming in October that smell delicious.

1010. Steamy showers and cool night air to quell croupy coughs.

1011. First pot of chili of the season.

1012. Early morning snuggles with Hadley. Soon enough she'll be too big to fall asleep on my chest.

1013. Vivid fall colors.

1014. Impromptu trip to the park with Ellyn and Benjamin.

1015. Pumpkins in trees.

1016. Getting pumpkins out of trees.

1017. Girls meeting animals.

1018. Barefeet.

holy experience


ells said...

hi neighbor...I love your description of God's favor...warmth...your girls are adorable...

championm2000 said...

I love the warmth of your list!

Alice H said...

I'm so glad your girls are feeling better. Croup can be so miserable! Thanks to God He gives us a tangible reminder of His presence when we so desperately need it!