Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Deep Thoughts On Pumpkins

When you head the pumpkin patch this fall, what kind of a pumpkin are you looking for?

Do you search for that perfect orange pumpkin? Symmetrical, with a smooth surface for carving or otherwise decorating?

That's what our Hadley picked. Mostly because she could pick it up. The stem is broken because she's dropped it a few times. I think I like it better that way. Broken.

So, I learned something about myself at the pumpkin patch this year.

I love the "ugly" pumpkins.

I love the funky-colored pumpkins.

The variegated pumpkins.

The misshaped pumpkins.

I think I like to find the pumpkins that aren't "ideal" to most people, because I want them to feel loved. And I have this drive to find what is lovely about them.

Maybe that's because that's what I want people to do with me.
Maybe it's because that's what God does, and I'm trying to get a little bit of insight.

I don't know. Deep thoughts about pumpkins.

Here's my pumpkin:

As we're driving away from the pumpkin patch, my husband informed me that I might have chosen the ugliest pumpkin in the whole patch.

I don't care. I love my pumpkin! It proudly sits on my front porch in all its imperfect glory!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I don't care what your husband (or maybe your neighbors?) say...I love your pumpkin, too, Friend! :) :)

And maybe I'll think a little differently about my pumpkin picking this year, too. :)

Melissa Ann said...

I always pick the "oddball" pumpkins too! And I grew the weird ones as well (Long Island Cheese, Blue Jarrahdale) back when I lived in TR. Actually, I just have a soft spot for weird colored veggies altogether. I guess that says a lot about me ;)

championm2000 said...

I love the perfection in imperfection!