Monday, November 14, 2011

When God closes a door...

...he makes it warm enough outside to open our windows!

Just a quick list today. We are off to pick up more medicine.

One day we will be 100% all better. Until then---we're going to enjoy this 72 degree day in November.

1038. My Christmas cactus blooming a month early, right on cue!

1039. A few cough-free nights.

1040. Watching Harry Potter 7.2 with Brad.

1041. Honey and lemon for my throat.

1042. Brynne asking for the orange bib for every single meal.

1043. The girls learning how to do moose calls (thank you, YouTube).

1044. Teaching the girls to take big drinks and then say Opa! No, we are not Greek, and really, I have no idea why I went with Opa, but it's pretty funny, and the girls get a kick out of it. We're multicultural in this house, that's what it is.

1045. Laughter over purple buttercream frosting.

1046. Potty chair and potty books.

1047. Smiles from my baby girls.

1048. The girls playing with their cousins.

1049. Windows open in November.

holy experience


Miss Megan said...

I hope everybody feels better soon! Geez!
On the bright side, 72 degrees in November is STELLAR!! Send some of that to me too please! =)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Opa...that's classic!

And thank goodness for smiles and laughter...they make anything at least a little bit better. :) :)

Sending healthy thoughts your way!

Lauren said...

Man alive, you guys need a catch a break with this constantly being sick thing!

Cyndi said...

Only frosting!? Who eats a cup full of frosting!? That is hilarious!

Corinne Ritz said...

Their hair seems to just be growing SUPER fast all the sudden! How fun! That was a great list BTW.