Monday, March 5, 2012

Chickens and bear crawling

We had such an amazing week here!

Our girls' hair has gotten SO long! This week I experimented with putting it up in ponytails. (1136) It makes them look so much older without those pigtails on either side of their faces.

My sister (the girls' Masi) came to visit us on Wednesday evening. (1137) Her husband (the girls' Masa) took the train down on Friday night to join us, so we could spend the weekend together (1138).

[Just a quick aside, so that it makes sense. My sister's husband is Indian. Aunts and uncles have specific names depending on the relationship. Since my sister's sister (me) has children, those children---Brynne and Hadley---call their aunt, Masi and their uncle, Masa. So, instead of Aunt Amanda or Uncle Mital---it's Amanda Masi and Mital Masa. I love that they share a bit of his culture with our girls!]

I was so super excited when Brynne woke up Friday morning asking for her Masi----she said it plain as day! (1139)

That is also a big deal, because, to date, when we've had family visit, each time the girls go to bed, when they wake up, they are shy and uncertain about family again----we have to reintroduce. This time, she not only remembered, but was excited to see her Masi, and said her name!! (1140) This mama was thrilled!

The girls each have a stuffed giraffe. Brynne, for no reason that I can understand, has started to call the giraffe Ty---actually they are both Ty. (1141)

On Thursday we went to the zoo, and got to see "Ty" in person----the girls were enthralled! One was right up by the gate---we saw his long, black tongue. Very cool. (1142)

After the zoo we visited Papa at work. It was so wonderful to have an extra set of hands to help out with that! (1143)

On Friday, we had to a check-up at the pediatrician's office. Again---so very thankful to have another set of hands (and ears) there. (1144)

After the appointment we all enjoyed some pastries from my favorite bakery in town----if you ever come to visit me, I'll take you there. Cinnamon rolls just melt in your mouth. So delicious---the girls love them! (1145)

The girls love their Masa and Masi's dog, Noodle. They will both sit and pet her gently. Brynne did this for a really long time, winding down for bed Friday night. A big deal for our Brynne, who sort of crashes through life. (1146)

On Saturday, once the girls' Masa arrived, we went back to see the chickens again. The farm we visit had gotten 100 baby chicks, so we thought the girls would enjoy meeting them. It turned out that it was too windy for the chicks to get out, so we were only able to peek at them through windows. We did get to run around with the adult chickens again! (1147)

I was really proud of Hadley! The last time we were there she was afraid of the chickens, and wanted to be held the entire time. This time, she held tight to her Masi's hand, and walked around gathering sticks (I know---lots of hand sanitizer afterwards)... (1148) share with the chickens. (1149)

 I was really proud of Brynne too. She is fearless, when it comes to the chickens. She grabbed Hadley's hand and led her around the chicken coop for awhile. (1150)

While girls napped Saturday afternoon, my sister took me to get my nose pierced. The little glitter I see every time I look in the mirror makes me smile.  (1151)

Saturday night the girls' Masa made delicious pizza for all of us to eat! The girls enjoyed their own ham and pineapple pizza. There was lots of snorting going on as the girls at their "pig" (ham).  (1152)

After church on Sunday, Hadley and Brynne crab walked and bear crawled all over the living room with their Masa. (1153)

Then, they took a really great nap! (1154)

Last night Brad and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner together of ribs, potatoes and wine. It was a great way to cap off the evening!(1155).

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Corinne Ritz said...

How fun to see Amanda and Mital! I know what you mean about the excitement you feel when they remember and know their extended family - especially you own sister. I love how much my kids know and adore my little sisters. It is just too much fun!

Monica said...

Is it the Missouri Baking Company on The Hill? Just curious?

B. said...

Wait...what? A nose ring? I always wanted one. Photos please Julia.

championm2000 said...

I love the picture of them holding hands, both looking super-sweet with their pony tails!

championm2000 said...

I love the picture of them holding hands, both looking super-sweet with their pony tails!

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Julia, how precious...the pigtailed duo from behind and in front!

Absolutely precious. :)