Monday, March 19, 2012

You make beautiful things...

You make beautiful things out of the dust

I've felt hushed lately. 

It's been, uncharacteristically, in the 70s and 80 for over a week now, so we live each day as if it might snow tomorrow. I definitely remember snow-covered daffodils last year! 

Living like that gives little room for writing here. We've:

  • visited multiple parks 
  • had lots of playdates 
  • gone to the zoo 
  • planted part of the garden 
  • mowed the grass 
  • played in the dirt
  • broken in new shoes
  • gotten new summer clothes
I'm overwhelmed with the blessing of strong, healthy girls and a loving husband, who makes me shamrock french toast on St. Patrick's Day. 

Thank you, Jesus for showing me all the beautiful things you make out of dust today.

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Heather B said...

Shamrock french toast. Sounds fantastic! I love your pictures, I can actually feel the love and joy pouring out of them :)

Corinne Ritz said...

That was just beautiful!
I hate to be jealous, but I can't help it. Can we switch weather? :)