Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I've been behind on counting my gifts!

We've embraced this crazy spring, because all of this is definitely happening over a month early:


And, since all of that was happening. I decided to be very brave and plant half our garden. Kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and sweet corn all in! (1158) I also went ahead and planted zinnias and sunflowers too!

Did I mention that our neighbors gave us the raised flower beds graves at the end of our garden, so that we have even more room to plant things? (1159). 

The girls love to help their mama garden! (1160) They get their buckets and shovels, and haul rocks up and down the hill----it's serious business! They'll do this for a good 45 minutes. (1161)

They used those same buckets for an Easter egg hunt this past weekend. (1162)

The girls got sunglasses over the weekend. (1163). I love how kids with sunglasses look like they have attitude--cracks me up! (1164)

The girls also recently got new shoes, which they love, (1165) and Mama loves that you can just throw them in the washing machine! (1166)

Scrapes and bruises on little toddler legs---signs of being active and adventurous outside. (1167)

The girls have been mastering puzzles that I'd thought were too old for them (1168)---one in particular has helped them to recognize really obscure shapes like the quatrefoil and parallelogram. (1169)

We've really had a language explosion around here! The girls are saying all kinds of things. Probably my favorite new word of theirs is funky. (1170). 

Every night, a-la Goodnight Moon, we say goodnight to everything in the changing room. There are two cork boards in that room, with a cork that says: 

The girls point at the cork, and say goodnight to funky every night--hilarious! (1171)

Brad and I went out on dates---that's right, plural--twice last week. It felt good to get out of my yoga pants, and spend time with friends. (1172)

I enjoyed thinking about my core values this week, and getting some things written down.

We've had a rough week with teething, especially Hadley. I laughed as I read another person's core values one of them read, "I believe that teething is a major baby design flaw." (1173)

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Love the sunglasses! Our girls, too, have been wearing shades the past couple of weeks. It seriously cracks me up! What's even funnier is to see them put their glasses atop their heads. Wonder where they got that??? ;)

And I love that you're thankful for scrapes and bruises...once upon a time I was horrified when A got her first bruise...I actually called the pediatrician about it! HA! Now, it's just a sign of LIFE being lived. :) :)

And I am glad to hear your girls are enjoying that clock! That's one toy I didn't buy for the girls, but wish I many great things to learn from it. We have the M&D shape sorter with those same shapes, though, and I, too, love that they have more than triangles and squares to play with. :)

Miss Megan said...

Our girls have been enjoying their sunglasses too! They think they are movie stars in them or something. It's hilarious!
Good for you for planting part of your garden already! You will have fresh veggies nice and early this year - YAY! They have advised against planting here just yet, but I definitely have the itch! I know the girls will want to help too, and I'm excited to let them!
Go girls with the puzzles! That's one thing my girls haven't started yet. I get so many GREAT ideas from you! Thanks for sharing!

Corinne Ritz said...

I just got new sunglasses for the Easter Bunny to leave in all the kids baskets:) I love them!
Two dates!!! Woo-Hoo!!! Congratulations!
And yes you are SO brave to plant half the garden already! I am slightly nervous just hearing that! Can't wait to hear how all the 'graves' grow:) I also LOVE how the girls love to help you with that. I love it when our whole family is out in the garden together. It is such a good feeling to work together, to be self sufficient and to enjoy fresh air! It's a beautiful thing!