Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some good reads

I am so honored that two very lovely ladies have given me blog awards.

Heather at TwinSane Asylum gave the Liebster blogging award. Liebster is a lovely little German word that means "beloved person". That phrase conjures up such warm feelings for me. Thank you, Heather.

If you have a moment, stop by Heather's place and give her some encouragement---she counts her gifts, just like I do, but sometimes it's hard, like last week when her babies were sick. We mamas belong to one another---loving each other through words is powerful and healing. 

A huge thank you to sweet Miss Megan at Deuces Wild & An Ace in the Hole for awarding me with the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.

Megan and I have connected through breastfeeding twins, and through desperately trying to figure out how to wear out and entertain our toddlers through perusing the time-warp that is Pinterest. Megan's a great encourager----she's funny, she's honest, and has more energy than I ever did when I was pregnant!

Here's a few reading facts for your reading pleasure:

I did, in fact, get my nose pierced this past weekend. Here you go, B. Proof:

I now have four piercings on the left side of my head. Only two on the right. [FYI, the guy who pierced my nose said you should pierce your nose on the same side that your part your hair---who knew it was such a science?!]

I really hate shaving my legs. I mean really. But I love the results too much to give it up.

I hate snakes. I've blogged about this before. But I hadn't had my fear tested for a really long time, until just recently. We were walking, with the girls, at the nature reserve when Brynne and I came across a snake coiled on the path. I put Brynne behind me and squealed in horror screamed. The snake raised its head and was hissing at me. My brave husband came and picked it up to move it off the path as this snake was striking at him. He assured me that a garter snake wasn't going to hurt anyone---I'm still not so sure. Ugh!

Sewing things gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. I don't own a sewing machine, but even if I just sew on a button, or mend a small tear---I feel accomplished. I can look at, whatever it is, in use, which would otherwise not be if it wasn't for my mad very mediocre sewing skills.

I would love to own a sewing machine. I see all these cute clothes on Pinterest, and I think, I could do that.

I'm trying to be more thrifty lately. I've recently made my own laundry detergent, shower cleaner, stain remover, mod podge and I've attempted to make my own body wash twice, but failed both times (please, someone, help me with that one!).

Okay here are a few blogs I love if you have a few minutes---go check them out!

My dear friend is blogging every day for Lent. She is brilliant and insightful. Please, do yourself a favor and read this.

I've found lots of fabulous craft/teaching ideas for the girls over at H is for Homeschooling.

I Can Teach My Child is another fabulous blog with lots of teaching/crafting ideas.

The Iowa Farmer's Wife is a fabulous blog filled with a mama's journey to teach, craft and love her toddler and preschooler. Check out her Pinterest page too!

B over at Little Grovers is celebrating her boys' second birthday. The birthday theme is completely adorable---check it out!


B. said...

Your new nose ring is so pretty! And thank you for linking to our sesame street birthday party too.

championm2000 said...

You rock the nose ring!

I don't know about body wash, per se, but I make a pretty good sugar body scrub!

Corinne Ritz said...

Wow, I loved it! Thanks for sharing all the awesome links!

Olusola said...

I still sew with a needle and thread too. I just patched a pair of pants 18 months after it developed a hole and I am feel super-accomplished